Top 10 Cartoons To Never Watch In Front of Kids

Just because they’re animated doesn’t mean these cartoons are for kids. For this list, we’ll be looking at some animated TV shows that definitely aren’t suitable for children. Our countdown includes “Big Mouth” (2017-), “Happy Tree Friends” (1999-2016), “Invincible” (2021-), “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” (2000-15), and more! What are your favorite adult cartoons? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. If you didn't watch happy tree friends as a kid, you either weren't a kid when it dropped, were born past its prime, or your parents actually paid attention to you.

  2. One time I was in a road trip with my family. We were going to Kentucky and when I was on a campground in Tennessee, my dad watched Family Guy at night while I was there. I only saw a few clips, but yeah.

  3. I was a kid in the late 2000s early 2010s and my brother showed me family guy Rick and morty aqua team hunger force and robot chicken as a kid and I fell in love with those shows and I am fine today.

  4. What do you mean kids are horrible now they know every curse word they know everything horrible about everything which for some reason makes them just horrible people all the time

  5. 10.i jate rick and morty it sucks plus its gay
    9.i don't remember that
    8.thst show was gay with a big fat G
    7.that show was gay with a big fat G
    6.that show was gay with a big fat G
    5.i don't remember that
    4.i don't remember that
    3.that show was gay with a big fat G
    2. never heard of it but it looks gay with a big fat G
    robot chicken was gay with a big fat G
    i never heard of it but it looks gay with a big fat G
    i never heard of it but looks gay with a big fat G
    1.i hate south park its gay with a big fat G
    all in all everything here sucks gay balls and are gay with. big fat G i wish these shows had never been made,i rather watch kid shows that are kid friendly and parent approved like spongebob,danny phantom,rugrats,teen titans go,you know shows like that. i am so ashamed ov what television shows have become because of all of these gay tv shows nowadays so ashamed.

  6. If I were a parent I would "accidentally" leave Moral Orel playing on the Tv so My Kids could "accidentally" watch it. none of that cocomelon bullshit I want My Kids to know true works of art

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