Titanium AND Fully Lumed for $60?? Field Watch from Seiko Alba – AQPJ403 Review



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  1. After seeing your review on this watch I started looking for somewhere to buy it, can’t find it anywhere that’s actually available. Any suggestions as to how to obtain one ?

  2. Speaking of frustrations (9:43), trying to track down the exact product code (eg AQPJ403) and finding similar ones and not knowing what the difference represents (eg AQPJ401). Usually the differences are insignificant (straps, colors), but sometimes you just gotta be sure! e: It seems as though most of the AQPJ are $95+ and the AQPK are $40 to $60, but may have a brass body.

  3. This is something that I would wear. It's difficult for someone like "me" to wear a watch, because nothing fits my style. I'm a big manly-man, but too much shine or too many dials and gizmos and I feel like I'm trying too hard – as if placing a banana in my trousers. I'm neither an astronaut, nor do I dive. I liked (the look of) the Traser H3, but for what it is, the price is stupid. I'm also a bit of a lume freak – but I blame that on radiation poisoning as a lad hiding under the blankets fascinated with my grandfather's glowy watch in the late 60's, lol.

    I did have a Timex Datalink (model 50?) in the late 90's with a tan faux leather strap that I liked .. but hadn't yet done my due diligence as to what "water resistant" meant at the time. Whoops.

    The fact is I have no actual need for a watch (I have both a phone and a car .. and rarely care what time it is anyway), and feel foolish wearing 'just' jewelry – but this is different somehow. I want one. It doesn't yell silverback displaying the dollar store Porsche key fob on the tavern bar – even though the key itself is for a 14 year old Pontiac with a baby seat, or the opulent 'neeners' of a Submariner .. I think they got this very right even if they perhaps didn't know why.

    First of your videos I've found, but if this is who you are – look forward to watching .. no pun intended – more.

  4. Would love to see this fully lumed Alba with an automatic movement. I would probably try to get my hands on one then.

    Love watching JDM's that are hard to get here in Europa. Makes it all the more enjoyable when you finally get your hands on one. Like my JDM SARB017 Alpinist, non-x.

  5. I knew about and own a Lorus, it is sort of known in Canada. My dad had a jewelry shop there and wanted to offer a lower cost but still decently made watch, and he went with Lorus. A brand I still look to today. Appreciate hearing about this!

  6. I’ve had my rare black face Lorus Titanium quartz field watch since the early 1990s. Only bought it as a stopgap because I lost a Longines. But it’s now my favourite, not least because it always keeps great time (unlike me) – gains maybe 6 seconds over 12 months!

    The reason to buy a cheap quartz with a Seiko movement is a no brainer. I paid £35 for mine, when £35 was worth £35. Today the money is worth less, but the watch is actually cheaper!! But I can’t find a black face anywhere.

    I adapted a two piece 22mm military strap to fit. I have an 8” wrist, but I still love this little watch.

  7. I have the Lorus, despite the fully lumed dial, it's less legible than I expected, basically because the hands are quite short and the dial ist cluttered with bold writing. Better than most watches, but not as good as my clean Seiko, and Citizen divers, where you only see the hands and indices at night. The Alba seems more balanced!

  8. Saw your video yesterday, was thinking about the Seiko SRPD53K1, was almost double of what I wanted to spend! Bought the ALBA AL4209X1 Tokyo Neon Men Automatic as a birthday gift to myself today! Can't thank you enough for this video! (169 USD here in India)

  9. Yes, I bought one through Japan Mall. I'm very happy with it, the lume is insane for such an inexpensive watch. If I had one gripe it's that the strap is a little on the thin side, it's actually quite comfortable but not sure about the durability. This of course is a minor concern as I plan to have fun putting it on different straps. Thanks for the review of such an interesting and inexpensive watch.

  10. Hi Dave. When will they be available in your store? Hopefully your store will become a place for hard to get Japanese watches for US customers.

  11. wow, this is a perfect combo. full dial 'lumibrite' and Ti… Would be a popular model if the brought it over to Lorus. Albas are hard to find in the US.

  12. I just bought a zelos titanium frost
    (fully loomed). I wanted a fully loomed hi contrast with titanium.
    Hmm. I'm thinking my zelos is up for sale. I like the 38 diameter.

  13. I've got the Lorus version. Don't think it's titanium but it's a very similar finish and yes the dial is insanely bright. During summer, you come into a dimly lit shop and everyone stares at my wrist.

  14. I need a watch like this for my daily use at work on the night shift. The day and date are referred to often as we fill paperwork in dimly lit environment. Excellent and informative review👍

  15. ALBA is very common her in south east asia, sub brand from seiko group, afforable watch, really great perfomance with seiko quality, here you can buy alba watches with saphirre glass only 30-40 usd, really love alba

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