Thinking About Giving This One Away! Never Heard Of Gane Watches, But For About $500, This Is Great!

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  1. Thanks for this video and the macro shots. I like the design aesthetic and the font too. Well I think the indexes really do show influence from sundials. I think it's missing minute markers. And overall I disagree with you – I think it's quite overpriced in the microbrand space, especially with the Miyota 8015 movement. Check out the Vario Empire for a very pleasing Art Deco dial at a much better price. Rules for next giveaway: being a YouTube subscriber and a human being.

  2. Very nice looking watch. I love the printing font, very retro. However, I would not spend over $500 USD for a watch with the lowest end Miyota movement in it. At this price it should have at lease a 9015! Love your channel, bro!

  3. If I was the marketing team I would have gone for the Art Deco/Madmen angle. It's a very nice look, but it doesn't scream "sundial" to me. Would still love to own it and wear it!

  4. rules for next giveaway: everyone who wants to enter has to send me $100 and only people named Kyle can win (don't worry you can still enter if your name is jeff, but no watch for jeff, also don't tell jeff)

  5. hello, beautiful little discreet watch, I like the case and the fact that it is automatic, for the next contest I suggest you send a photo of our collection of watches to participate, moreover you could make a video or discuss with you the photos that were sent to you.

  6. The next giveaway should be a nomination for someone else. You don’t enter for yourself, but you nominate someone you know. Maybe they’re a collector, maybe it would be their first watch. I just think it would be a fun way to spread the horological love!

  7. Make a rule, when you receive the watch, you have to give away one of yours to someone, for instance, I would give someone a pulsar or timex of mine, pass on the love.

  8. I like the contrasting colours on this as well as the minimalistic dial.
    I'm also a lazy, lazy man, so the next competition should follow the standard, simple "Like, subscribe, comment" format 🙂

  9. Cool watch and weird inspiration. I’m not sure about the ‘Type C1 Automatic’ script font. I feel it clashes with the Art Deco logo font. Otherwise a nice watch

  10. It took me a second but I finally realized that this looks just like a dress version of the Boldr Venture. Probably why I like it so much! (Full disclosure, I have a Venture, and went and fetched it so I could compare them)

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