Things NOT to do when buying a luxury watch

Improve your buying etiquette:
1) Don’t use the grey market as a supposed bargaining chip
2) Stop leading off with ‘what’s your best price?’
3) Never finance a watch
4) Stop pretending. Wait until you are actually ready
5) Be realistic. The ability to pay is not the deciding factor with some models
6) Read the full listing. Do your homework. Become the expert.

Do you have any buying/selling pet peeves? What about suggestions to the newer watch enthusiast?


  1. I'm currently paying off 2 loans that I contracted last year for two gorgeos luxury watches and, hey, I'm not complaining. In fact, I tried saving money, but either I was too impatient to wait for the money to be complete or I saw a pair of cool sneakers behind the shop window and ended up spending my saving money. So, on the contrary, if you just know you won't be able to put the same amount of money aside and save money for your dream watch each month, just get a reasonable amount of loan and you're ready to go. At least then you know you have reason to put money aside 😀

  2. Great advice and a nice video. I just bought my first luxury watch, GS “Snowflake” and love it. These are in such short supply and the AD was great in keeping me informed when it would come in, held in back for me, helped me compare to other GS, etc. I did my homework and I did not even try to negotiate. Maybe on the future for something less scarce, but not this. Agree?

    That said, what was that list of “standard” popular watches you mentioned. Seems like some interesting options there.

  3. 0% credit deals allow you to invest the full amount and receive a de facto discount in the form of equity growth. I don't see that as fiscally irresponsible; quite the opposite.

  4. I buy most of my watches with 0.% interest and invest the cash elsewhere and I always ask what is the best price they can sell for and I have successfully purchased all my watches brand new from AD's with discounts or extras thrown in.

  5. Don’t pay scalper prices. There’s so many watches to choose from, and they are all unnecessary anyway, so don’t be stupid ! Doing it will guarantee tomorrow you’ll pay more, and then more, and then more.

  6. Poor – you contradict yourself on points 1 and 2. Don’t quote grey market as it makes you seem a douche, but then you say it makes you seem educated on the price in point 2.
    Always haggle – RRP is “recommended” retail price let’s not forget.

  7. I think if the seller in the listing said US, it worth a try to ask for international shipping, may be he open to it and have one or two issues that can be solved easily

    Other than that, I agree with everything else

  8. Customer used to be always right. Modern Times: "You'll spend your money here and please, no questions." This imposition in the name of image sake sounds like a pretty cheap form of dominance. Business has always been defined by negotiation. Not in this scenario. Still like the channel though.

  9. Don't trust Jomashop's pricing unless it says "in stock, ready to ship." Anything else and they are going to try to find the watch after you pay them and refund you money when/if they can't find it at the price they want.

  10. I think what people are missing is that it's a hot market for sellers because of the pandemic created prices, i.e. stocks and real estate equity is up and many have money to invest especially on items that store or grow value on their investment dollars, until that (inflation) changes, what Bruce is saying is your also wasting YOUR own time! What good does it do ANYONE to pretend you are ready to buy when you are actually not? Every single point is valid. As an example, if you're not ready for a white Daytona Panda, buy a Tudor Chrono and LOVE it just as much…it's YOUR watch to love and it'll do well on value.

  11. I head the “never finance a watch” advice all the time. But if you have the cash to back it, and you get the 0% interest Bruce mentioned, then you have to do the math of returns on that money not spent upfront over the terms of the financing. It would be stupid not to.

  12. Never buy a watch and think it’s a real estate investment or a hit stock, buy it to wear it or else this is not the hobby you should be in (treating watch as in investment that is).

  13. I understand your point of trying to get people to use some etiquette when dealing with sales people, but what’s the deal with telling everyone basically not to negotiate? And why does a customer have to be “vetted” by a salesperson?

  14. Tbh I totally agree on finance but I'll say I work hard for my money so I will absolutely work to understand what deal I can get. I walked away from an AD as they couldn't offer me a discount which another could. My view is 10% on any luxury watch is well worth getting. I'll always negotiate but in the right way.

  15. before i even watch this episode , just seeing this title and remembering your destroyed Rolex incident makes me laugh non stop. i not so free but heard from other you tubers that u have since removed that episode from channel archive.

  16. I enjoy your videos but disagree with the finance part, I have a family to provide for and for a little bit of money each month I can really enjoy my hobby. 0% no brainer

  17. Thanks Bruce. Prior to the helpful video I deluded myself into thinking I scored a 5/5 – for buying sophistication. Thanks to your valuable advice I now realise I was only 2/5.

  18. I disagree with point #2, #3, and in part #4. There are hundreds of AD's online located across the country and locally that are competing for your business. It's not wrong to shop around for a good price. which leads to price negotiations. As a result of shopping around for a good reasonable price, you're going to have to decline a few offers from AD's which will lead to violating rule #4. Although you are ready to make the purchase, you will end up disappointing a few AD's and waste their time, which may make it seem like you aren't ready to them. Finally – I don't see an issue with financing a watch if your able to secure zero to minimal interest that you can afford and can financially make the payments on time. Why not take advantage of cheap cost of capital where you can.

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