Thieves Get Away With Over $1M in Luxury Watches

In Chicago, a duo got away with more than $1 million in watches from a car dealership that also displays luxury watches. In a video captured of the moment, one of the men stands on guard as the other smashes the case and grabs the watches. It all happened in under 20 seconds. The pair are chased out by an armed security guard, but they get away before he is able to catch up. If watches aren’t your thing, how about Christmas decorations? There’s been a rash of inflatable decoration thefts off lawns.


  1. JUST SHOOT THEM ALL! No, I'm the laid back, peacemaker. I'm just so sick to death of seeing such disrespect & crime against hard working people. The jewelry store pulls a gun, see how fast they run empty handed. SICK OF IT!

  2. Remove mask at once so this thugs. Don’t have to keep wearing them to enter businesses. For California lest impeach. (gascon) who is responsible for all this mess. Also newsoms and his puppet garcetti, Let’s make California better by choosing the right people to run this state.

  3. You see this is what the politics have done they know they're not going to be charged for their crimes they know that because of their ethics they will get away with their crime that is what the political left have done if anyone is to blame for our suffering it is the political left

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