These Watches Are INSANE… Guessing Watch Prices With @Marc Gebauer

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  1. Icing out a Rolex is one of the worst things you can do in terms of value. Factory set is the only way the value of the watch increases

  2. "Marc you look like Alfie in peaky blinders and Antonio… Tommy Shelby" Always love your videos bro..))❤️

  3. I guess to each their own. I bought a TAG that would run about $2500 today. Looks brand new and keeps time well. About a year ago I bought a G Shock to wear to the gym. It cost less than the maintenance of gaskets and battery change of the TAG. This watch needs no batteries, resets to the Atomic clock daily, all world time zones, stop watch, chronograph, thug resistant, waterproof up to 600 feet, can withstand a 26 ton truck driving over it, made for battle and outer space travel. Guess which watch I wear now? Hint, the TAG sits in a jewelry box.

  4. Oddly, I've heard of and seen advertisements for the Astronomia Solar. Then again, it was in the Robb Report. I really wanted that one.
    Very nice looking watch. All are nice. Too expensive for me to afford brand new. Maybe some day I'll find one of those watches second hand so that it'll be significantly cheaper.

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