The Pit Stop S14 E06 | Monét X Change & Gigi Goode in Prime Time | RuPaul’s Drag Race

Season 12 Design Virtuosa Gigi Goode joins Monét X Change to journey out of the box, and doll out about the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14. Snap a lash and pull up to The Pit Stop!

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  1. For the record, Willow said she wanted to look like a BABY, not create a Babydoll dress. I think Daya was feeling pretty insecure, but fortunately for both of them they turned out good outfits

  2. Can't stand Maddy being overly critisized for everything she was one of my favourites and deserves more love
    She's clearly in on the joke aswell

  3. my predictions for the top 3
    Willow, Cornbread, Angeria(sadly Cornbread left so it would be kerri instead of her

  4. for a lip sync assassin, jorge wanted to be in the bottom to test her skills. now she knows she basically send anyone home.
    no one but rupaul: jorgeous you're the winner in this "design" challenge.
    everyone else (literally): …. ???

  5. Anyone else bothered by all the Maddy is Straight Hate. Like I don't personally care for the queen, but damn y'all. Apparently we up in here trying do the same kind of bullying that was done to us.

  6. Monet wore almost exact neon blue/orange "meet the queens" look on her season, so Im not surprised she thinks she would wear that :)))

  7. Hey Gigi DAaaaarliiiing, Gurl don't wear PINK on a pink set mama……. you look like a talking head honeeeeey.

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