The Most Underappreciated Watch from Tudor – 1926 Review

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When it comes to Tudor, the watch that first comes to mind is undoubtedly the dense Black Bay collection of heritage-inspired dive watches. However, in Tudor’s entry-level position, there is another intriguing, dressier option that follows Tudor’s former history with third-party movements — the Tudor 1926. In this video, we’ll take a detailed look at my favorite watch from one of Tudor’s least talked-about collections.

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  1. If you want another under appreciated watch from tudor then look at the Prince Date Day 36mm series still in production and available in the Asian markets and typically selling around the $US2000-$3000 range . They have models such as the silver sunburst or silver linen dial, blue face, blacked faced dials in fluted and smooth bezel, proving hard to get and attracting price premiums. As of late 2020 the prince DD now come with sellita movements. 2020 was the last of the Prince DD having ETA movements.

  2. I’m loving all the Tudor reviews. I have the Tudor GMT after looking for a rolex GMT alternative and love it. In fact I’ve fallen in love with the Tudor brand all together and currently considering the Glamour date date. I love a Rolex and own a few but I always fell like people think I’m trying to flex if I wear it on the daily thus wearing a Tudor watch works better for me. I can throw on a rolex if I am going out and actually am trying to impress.

  3. Good video. I originally thought this watch lacked character and was a little plain. However, my girlfriend says it’s her favorite of my “daily” wearing watches.

  4. Will love the Tudor black bay but for me it’s no longer special. Do to it’s popularity. This is a better option for me to do it’s price and it’s not a common watch I see out there.

  5. Thank you! Due to your video, I ordered the black 36mm version from my local authorized dealer. 12 weeks waiting list, classic Rolex.

    I am a watch collector, I had over 150 watches in the last 6 years. Mostly in the affordable range. As soon as I saw your video, this made sense as the next step in my collecting journey.

    I was looking for a luxury watch that not everybody knows about it. I tried Black Bay 58 in blue and black with golden accents, but too many people have it and it lost my interest. Great bracelet though. It also wears a bit too big for my taste, with the flat lugs.

    The 1926 is so versatile, can be easily dressed up or down. And the 100m water resistance with a screw-down crown elevates it.

  6. Been watching Teddy now for quite some time, a couple of years at least. Yes I watch other channels on watches. But I have to say Teddy is definitely one of my favourites. Always good honest reviews and plenty of useful good advice. So keep up the good work please.

  7. It’s overlooked completely, I agree. However there’s just so much out there for that price point. I look at what Longines offers, the aesthetic they pull off and it’s hard to choose this over their offerings. But there is this subtle elegance feeling I get with this Tudor. I feel if you buy this it’ll be with you for a long time.

  8. I’ve had my 39mm, silver dial with rose gold numerals since 2018. The dial can only be fully appreciated in person. It’s a great watch that gets lots of compliments. My only complaint is that this ETA version loses about six seconds a day…I’ve been told twice by Tudor service that it is “within specification.”

  9. This video is exactly the reason I so enjoy your content. I've traditionally not been much of a Tudor fan. The BB58 does absolutely nothing for me, but I'm really intrigued by the 1926. It's a handsome timepiece, and one I could actually see myself owning. Thanks for opening my eyes to this collection that I might not have otherwise made to effort to find.

  10. I have the 39mm white/opaline dial 1926. Mine is a few years old now so it has the top grade ETA movement in it. It’s a very thin and comfy watch to wear. Wears and looks larger thanks to the white dial and thin bezel. It’s all dial. One of my favorite pieces. Super versatile. Screw down crown, 100m of water resistance, and an outstanding and comfortable bracelet should you choose to use it. It looks more casual in person than in photos. Works with shorts or a suit. Understated and then those blue hands and indices hit the light and POW!

  11. Hey Teddy, for Tudor 1926 41 mm version is lug width 22mm, not 20mm as you have stated in the table. I know it because I own this watch and one year ago I was buying a leather strap for it. Othewise I have enjoyed your video. Cheers

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