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Ever thought to yourself, “If I were to start a watch brand, I’d make the best watch for a really good price and it would have tourbillons and everything.” Yeah, me too. How’s yours coming along? I gave up on my idea after a quarter-minute and played Dark Souls instead. Not Horage, though. They were just about crazy enough to go through with it.

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  1. Watches like these are precisely why I’m not into quartz watches! Watchmaking art at its best! I also like the fact that it’s a skeleton and not an open heart watch because I hate the way open heart dials look! Well done and finally a tourbillion from Switzerland that’s not totally and utterly overpriced!

  2. Alright watch finder, I love many of these watches, I can only dream of owning one, however, I love the mechanical operations. Would you be willing to give a better explanation of the tourbillon? How does it work? What makes it so special?

  3. Horse here

    Have fun explaining what this is everytime you wear it. You'll look like someone with a cheap or replica watch to the average comsumer, regardless of the brand, unless you also arrive in a 300k car and dressed in a 10k suit.
    That does sound natural for someone wearing an 8k watch though….

    Disregard what I typed.

  4. “…played Dark Souls instead.”

    I love that video games have become mainstream enough that a fancy watch channel can reference specific hardcore games expecting at least some of the audience to understand.

  5. Beautiful! I love it. But I hate rubber and leather straps. I want this in a steel oyster type bracelet. A gold/steel 2-tone case and bracelet would be nice as well.

  6. I really like it, but couldn't help notice some actual defects in the showcase video. That's should never be the case at this level. (Dust) particles on the balance wheel arm, and a defect (is that rust??) on the hour hand. Few seconds later also particles on the screw. Yes these are macro shots, but at nearly 8k it shouldn't be there :-)..

  7. Being unique and in limited quantities look to be a great idea but what about service and maintenance?
    Can we just bring it to any watch repairers for servicing?

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