The BEST Watches Under $300 – 2021 – Seiko, Orient, Timex, G-Shock, and MORE

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At one point or another, we’ve all pondered or purchased affordable watches, which are a great window into watch enthusiasm if you’re new or a great way to have more fun for less money even if you’re more experienced with watches. These days, there are a lot of incredible affordable options out there on the market, but it can be hard to know where to look. In this video, I’ll share some of the best watches you can get for under $300 in the everyday, dress, and dive watch categories.

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  1. Orient always have a special place in my heart.

    my favorite one that I have and prolly my favorite one is the Orient Kanno (Blue & Orange)
    the quality is amazing and the movt… Cal F6922 is just on point!

  2. Another great, VERY useful video! 👍🏻
    No offense intended to anyone, but I had a Timex Marlin when I was a kid. I loved that watch. Now, though, I have a 7-1/2” wrist and can’t image wearing such a dainty watch as a grown man. If you’re slender, though, it is a stylish looking watch.

  3. I wish Orient make the Kanno in 40-41mm. I've had several divers as the SKX, Orient Mako I and Triton. But I really like the clean look of the Kanno, but the size is too large for me.

  4. The video describes a 36mm quartz Sternglas Naos, but shows a 42mm Sternglas Hamburg automatic. If Sternglas made the Hamurg in a 38mm quartz and kept the seconds hand, I would probably get one. I want a Junghans Max Bill, but I'm not going for a plexiglass crystal or paying $300+ extra to retrofit it with sapphire.

  5. Great review. Unfortunately, only 1 of 3 of the Casio's I've owned over the last 10 years have stood the test of daily wear. I've had 2 Ediface models die, but the one I'm wearing now seems to be fairly good. My Grandfather wore an old Seiko manual-winder for as long as I can remember. My dad's worn a Timex faithfully as well.

  6. Orient Kanno or Kano are a Bust.. Their Crowns fall off 50 % of the time..usually before their 1st year a watch collector its the only Orient watch that gave me a problem. Great looking sad. I hope Teddy lets Orient know. And to find orient pieces on line tss..good luck with that

  7. I don't know if it's just because it's 2022 or I'm looking at the wrong retailers but literally every watch other than the g-shock i bothered to look into is over a hundred dollars more expensive.

  8. Marathon Navigator is no longer below $300, no even below $400. I don’t know if its me, or theres a hype about Navigotors and TSAR watches, and prices have gone up.

  9. I believe and have one policy. Have a Casio or buy at least an Omega. It doesn't make sense to spend 400, 500….$ for watch that doesn't do anything special. Spend 50-100 or 5000 at least. Piece ✌️

  10. Respectfully, I don't see how you could recommend a watch with an acrylic face when you can get a Pro Diver with a Seiko NH35 (Winding and Hacking) for 75$. Throw a Nato band on it and you have a great watch for less than the Vostok

  11. One of my good scores is my Orient Symphony automatic, not expensive and squarer than the Bambinos, more modern. Love that watch!

  12. I still have my first watch I got when i was 6years old. It's a bit small for me now(27mm lug to lug – face is about the size of a dime).. that was 49years ago. It was a timex. Yup, it still spins when I wind it up. It was probably 10bucks back then. I don't know the model – it doesn't say on it. Too bad the folks didn't buy me a Rolex…. great episode, sorry for the flashback…🥃
    Note – i had to subscribe ..🙌

  13. I cant believe Deep blue have never been mentioned by Teddy. They do dive watches with T100 tritium, Seiko movments, sapphire crystal, 500M water resist, All for $200 They can get more expensive depending on the dept rating and if you want one with more tritium than just the indicies and if you want a swiss movment in the watch, but everything ive mentioned earlier comes in the watch for 200 quid. They are insane value, and I cant figure out why they are not talked about.

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