The BEST Watches Under £2,000 / Oris, Tudor, Nomos & More

Who says you have to spend a small fortune to buy a decent watch?! Even spending £2,000 ($2,750) IS A CRAZY AMOUNT OF MONEY! But it’s actually around this mid-tier, £2,000 budget area that I find some of my favourite pieces that are available right now. Brands like ORIS, TUDOR, NOMOS, LONGINES, TAG HUER, AND SO MANY MORE are serving us fantastic watch specs & aesthetics for prices that won’t make you want to vomit.

So today we are rounding up my favourite watches & watch brands that are offering amazing watches & competitive pricepoints. Now, of course I can’t fit every brand into a 10 minute video, so I’d love to know what YOU THINK AS WELL! If you have any watch brands that speak to you for around the £2,000 pricepoint, please do comment down below!

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0:00-1:58 – INTRO
1:59-4:05 – NOMOS
4:06-5:53 – ORIS
5:54-7:41 – LONGINES
7:42-9:14 – TUDOR
9:15-9:53 – OUTRO


  1. yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, everyone makes these videos. But HEY, we just like talking about affordable, great watches! I feel like I really should have included Tag……

  2. Beside the classic Explorer 1 and the original explorer 2, the date just, I don’t care what others lust about all the other Rolley models and whatever their prices are at. Tudor watches always represent a more classic, vintage and original sport watch vibe to me…..

  3. My the whole watch thing has blown up since Covid. I got back into watches about 3 years ago. I'm happy to see so many people get excited over something mechanical.

  4. So…I'm in Healthcare, so for the past year and a half, I've isolated myself from existence. In doing so, I've cycled through every hobby, pastime etc. I could find on Youtube…I've ended up collecting custom made pocket knives, hand forged bushcraft knives, tried to figure out wtf is Warhammer 40k and why people like it (I'm now an expert on 40k Lore without purchasing anything, and still don't know why people spend money on it), I've learned how to weave and make a thousand knots and patterns with paracord, the best way to get wine and juice stains out of waxed flooring is to pour milk on it, and now, the past 2 months, watches. This past month alone, I've purchased 8 watches, 2 as gifts to ease my buyers guilt, and about 36 different straps, from NATO styles to exotic ones made from everything, if I could find a strap made from juja berry stained pelican throat hide, I'd probably buy it. The worse thing is…there is no end in sight. With knives, it was collecting the various lock mechanisms, opening mechanisms, scale materials etc. but, as I don't see them as a fashion item, practicality stepped in and said 'you already have one for that function'. I need help. I'm on every microbrand shortlist for new releases or re-stocking. AliExpress doesn't do it for me…I'm into the hard stuff now. To avoid Ebay issues, I force myself to being limited on giving Auction advise to Sellers on the pieces I want for myself…just to release the pressure. JOMO and Delray scare the Hell out of me…I almost bought an entire tray of Serviced but not Picked Up watches at my closest B&M…just because. I may have to get someone to lock me out of internet before Zelos re-stocks…Is there a number I can call about this? I'm a sick man.

  5. Well seiko for a start. Rado is another fab brand. Glycine offers great value for money too. Tissot and roamer, certina , sinn, monta, alpina, tag heuer, zodiac, crepas,fortis, I could go on all day.

  6. My recommendation is any Oris Aquis with a sellita movement. The dial finishing is amazing and the bracelet is another level. Also get the 39.5 mm as they fit everyone.

  7. Nice to see something other then Rollie and Omega, but yea had to slip in the Tudor! But your cute so you get a pass, LOL. I think you should check out some of the larger micro brands like Christopher Ward, Zelos, and NTH. I've seen some amazing watches coming out of microbrands over the past few years. If I see one more video about the Speedy or the OP, I think I'll hang my head and cry….not generally a good look for a guy! Stay real, your doing great stuff here. Best regards, Mike

  8. I totally love the Oris Big Crown, but I really want it to have a 100m water resistance, so I can wear it as a less obvious travel watch. I mean, if Glycine could do it with one of my favourite affordable watches, the Incursore, with the manual wind and the California dial. As for Longines, I can only limit myself to say, 5 or 6 models!

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