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Frankly, there’s a lot of talk out there in the watch universe about which watches are the best for one occupation or another, with a lot of marketing emphasis placed on exciting careers like commercial diving, the military, and law enforcement. So in this video, I’m going to go through some different occupations and recommend a few watches I think are excellent and sensible choices for the demands of each unique work environment. If you like this concept and want to another video like this in the future, be sure to like and follow and let me know in the comments which occupations you would like to see featured.

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  1. I've long been an enthusiast of both functional and fine timepieces. But I've learned so much more from watching your videos. Unfortunately, my list of watches to get keeps getting longer. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers!

  2. An important consideration for Healthcare workers is antimagnetic movements for radiologist, people who deal with imaging machines such as an MRI, it would be cool to see a video that discusses the best magnetic resistant watches, both automatic and quartz options.

  3. I’m 25 years old. I’m a construction project director so sometimes I have to go on-site for inspection, monitoring, like checking if everything is going well. BUT many times I have meetings with clients, project owners, authorities, usually on the same day i go on-site. So it’s hot outdoor work but also have to look nice and presentable. Any recommendations?

  4. There is a reason why Nurses wear pin on fob watches, keeps their hands and wrists free of objects, elderly skin is fragile wrist watches are just brutal!

  5. Engineering and Environmental consulting field work, Timex Iron man. Under $40, Cheap, durable, able to be set for 24 hour time, has hours minutes, and seconds. I carried mine for years, it was easy and fast to read when doing timed tests, and kept decent enough time. More importantly it worked getting knocked around, covered in mud, etc.

  6. If you are a student watch enthusiast, maybe you can talk Mum and Dad into spring for Nomos Club Campus…. That California dial, small seconds and updated Bauhaus design is just too cool for school! Hell, if you are Marketing or Business Student, it could be your first sale!

  7. Casio protrek for me. I'm a research Technician at a place where security is very tight in terms of electronics allowed to be on our persons (I use an old cassette Walkman for music so I don't have to worry about being reported for listening to music on a "recording device"). I do a lot of walking through my shift, but am not allowed to have a phone, or smartwatch (even some of the higher end fitbits) on me to track it. The quad sensor protrek is the perfect watch for me: tracks activity for me and syncs it with my phone at the end of my shift, has useful features out the wazzoo, and is generally tough enough to not break when I inevitably smash it into steel/concrete/whatever else for the umpteenth time that week.

  8. Policeman here…been wearing the Hamilton Khaki Auto 38mm for about a year on a NATO strap. My second job is cattle rancher, and I wear the watch then too. I pretty much wear it everyday all day. It keeps great time usually with in a couple seconds a day. I have gone three months without setting the time, and it was within 3 seconds of NIST.

  9. I'm a firefighter and I actually wear a G Shock 5600. It's a cary over from my days in the Marine Corp. I also wear a 11610 Sub. I shouldn't but I can't help it.

  10. I do a lot of international travel – pre pandemic – and now as an expat I am always needing to know another time. I got one of the Amphibia with the GMT (170862) and I love it.

  11. Car sales guy here… I have a well-kept, 15 year old Tag Aquaracer automatic and RW for suits, and then various budget diver type strap watches for warm weather/polo shirt season… Literally any watch of choice works in my field. You’ll see g shock, Rolex Sub, GMT, Sea Dweller, G Shock, Breitlings, Apple watches are gaining populatity, etc, etc…
    Keep up the great work, Teddy!

  12. Teddy I really appreciate your segments and expertise, but I am NOT interested in a Casio G-Shock. Neither am I going to buy a Timex or Citizen any time soon, if ever. I notice you don't recommend Invicta so let's just forget about these entry level junk "timepieces"

  13. Im a hospitalist internal medicine. For work i wear a g-shock my wife gave me 8 years ago. Now with covid you need a watch you can wash they crap out of it.

  14. Good review. I don't subscribe to the style police and the rules they make up. No one criticed my boss when he recently wore his Patek and shorts to the company picnic. 😉

  15. I do work in a warehouse in a harsh environment where I'd probably better off with a Casio 5600 than a Seiko 5…but prefer these seikos. I have a new SRPG41 coming soon. At work I seen Apple watches on people and in such an environment they may end up getting broken.

  16. Teddy you are still forgetting these watch makers!! (not distributors like Sturhling) the brands – Yema & Panzera, why ???? Come on TB !!😄🙃🙂😆
    Ps, we need good watch emojis can you get your emoji friend to design one or two and get them registered . Does one get paid a minuscule amount per use of an emoji owned and copywrited?? Umm more good morning ideas. Godfrey Foster the gingerbread man FB

  17. Hey Teddy in this video you have forgotten the category of SPORTS ANND OFFICIALS What happened??😆🙃🙂🤔
    You are probably not sport minded is why. Anyway this could almost be a separate video. Ask yourself:- 1. Which competitors actually wear a watch, cyclists for example. 2. Which officials absolutely need to wear a watch, such as referees jobs 'in the action' would be those who need an independent watch apart from the centre technical room of the remote officials. 3. Rally car navigators 4. F1 enthusiasts etc… 5. Horse racing particularly dirt and all weather tracks.
    Hey Teddy why not go to a horse race meeting and try out the watches you've pre- chosen and demonstrate their ability ease of use etc…take along your girlfriend to do some timing. Have fun pick out your horse and time that one then compare if not only you picked the winner but the race times of the horses you chose. What fun!!
    Hey, maybe I should make a start. 😉 But apart from the environment noises you could sound engineer still a good presentation. To watches 🥂🍻 Godfrey F o s t e r ⚽️🎾🏉🏈🏀🥊🥋🥅🏒🥌🎚🎙🎥🎆

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