The BEST Watches for Different Occupations: Journalist, Engineer, Pilot & MORE

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In this video, I’ll take a look at some of the best watches you can get for a variety of different occupations. This is actually part two in a series, so be sure to check out part one (linked above) if the occupation you wanted to see isn’t listed here. If you’d like to see another video like this, be sure to comment which occupations you want featured down below in the comments.

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  1. I'd like to suggest a watch movement based on the pomodoro technique for "office worker" (aka many many ppl). It could be based on the Regata timer movement, "just need" a different time scale (slots of 5 minutes, up to 45 minutes or 1h timing).

  2. As an aerospace engineer, I was hurt seeing that calculator watch on the list. Give us something elegant, sophisticated, not loud, but tells a great story.

    Love the Omega

  3. What is the exact g shock model that teddy has on. I want the metal 5600 but I found a plastic polymer one for 50 dollars with taxes.

    For me metal is the way to go and I want that one

  4. In what seems like a previous life, I was a mining engineer. I wore Timex Indiglo. It was easy to read in a dark environment. If it got destroyed, it was only Timex. If I worked around rotating machinery, the watch would go into my pocket.

    I sell insurance. I mainly wear a Frederique Constant
    FC-303BN5B6B. It works well with everything less formal than a business suit.

  5. I'm a jr engineer but more like operational research analyst/ assembly line design. When I got promoted to this I got a Tissot powermatic day-date but I think the wear isn't becoming on the design. I'm considering maybe a Sinn 104 but the demasko's are tempting.

  6. While I enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of mechanical watches, when we are talking about getting real work done, one gets an Apple watch. Mechanical watches, clever complications notwithstanding, just aren't a practical choice as a tool for professionals, unless the job involves impressing easily-impressed people with one's sense of style.

  7. Own a plumbing company and I use a g shock which handles everything wherever I'm working and I love it but wish i could find a super tough mechanical watch that can take substantial abuse. Casually wear my tag or tissot when not working.

  8. I feel like for 5 out of these 7 occupations the G-shock DW5610 would be the only real option as its the perfect every day practical watch. But I guess repeating the same watch 5 times which is already well known would've made for a boring video…

  9. Being a bioengineer I usually wear a Casio AE1200 to the lab. The timers come in handy, no problems with magnetism, a futuristic, techy looks and finally it can be desinfected to avoid carrying GMOs home.

  10. gshock, or something macnetic resistand that is not too fancy (like you say).. are better for an engineer, the calculator of the casio is too basic for be reliable, a bad calcultion could be a disaster later in the worst case.

  11. Police officer – G-Shock 5600-1VER. Easy to read, shows all the vital information at a glance, shock resistant (very much needed), good water resistance and if it breaks (god knows how 😂), it’s not gonna break the bank to get a new one.
    Also it’s not too big on the wrist so there is no problem wearing it with a shirt compared to the larger analog G-Shocks.

  12. As an Engineer, I was utterly disappointed by the options you listed. Anti-magnetism is the number one priority, and digital watches are sometimes not acceptable, because if there are any AC magnetic fields or EMP pulses, say goodbye to your digital watch. In these cases, rugged anti-magnetic watches are an absolute requirement, and all three watches should have been anti-magnetic chronographs. The Rolex Milgauss is very expensive watch, and considering how expensive they are, it's pointless to wear one while you're working in physically demanding conditions, where the watch could easily get damaged. Engineers need to regularly time stuff, and that is why anti-magnetic chronographs should have been your 3 choices for an engineer.

  13. As a proud owner of a Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Chrono Time A-T, I’m really happy to see you included a Citizen in this video. The slide rule has been of good use, though kinda bugged that I can’t have two time zones at once (but that’s where my old Citizen World Time Chronograph comes in handy if I need it)

  14. As a software architect I can attest to loving the science behind the look. Love the Grand Seiko Snowflake! When running around I’ve always got my Breitling chronospace and finally I’m about to pull the trigger on a Ketelaars Time in Motion. Also as a grail watch…. Ressence… love it!

  15. Per cGMP, no jewelry of any kind shall be worn above the waist (I work in a large brewery). I would have love seen a pocket watch for the brewer watch.
    Sorry for geeking too much, it's what I do for a living lol

  16. I’m a Software Engineer and I always look for a GMT watch because I live in EST but computers generally log in UTC. And at a glance I want to know if that error happened 5 min ago or 2 hours ago. Also because your wrist is always on a desk a soft and comfortable band is a must.

  17. I would recommend Rolex, would gladly give one to each of our useful santitation workers! The food processing, warehouse, drivers to get Omega, AP and Tudor. As for the "managers", "finance" and other useless procks, ticks a pair of handcuffs or to the actually useful ones, if any, a Seagull etc.

  18. Casio for Engineers?!! it is a kid's watch! such a stereotype! grrrr 😐
    Kidding aside, I am a telecom engineer, my favorite watch is the Seamaster 300 love it, second fav watch is the Speedmaster moon watch <3

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