The Best Watches Each Swatch Group Brand Makes! (Omega, Rado, Hamilton, Tissot, Breguet, Blancpain)

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  1. watch Brand companies have put up so much money in ad & AD.Quality has gone down . especially in Omega . Model has not been changed but reproduced (more or less the same design )w more grand ad .Value has gone down .I think so much more is buying not the watch but the ownership of price u pay . There are some independent watch companies other than the "Brand watch " companies who design & put quality construction & time from case to dial finish worth more collecting .(rather than who /which Brand people are willing to pay for most)That seems to be the title .

  2. I own a Certina, why because you or someone else put a video up with the 5 top entry level luxury watches. I had the other four and said what the heck, it came up on Jomashop at a deep discount so I purchased the watch. It fits right in with my Tissot's and Hamilton's. Of course they all have a baseline ETA movement that has been customized for each brand. Personal observation, the Hamilton energy reserve last about 12 hours longer. Accuracy on all the watches is about the same (surprise). The Certina dial is beautiful.

  3. Basically these folks polled have little knowledge of swatch group watchmakers and are only basing selections on publicity. Hamilton at #2 says everything, lol. Blancpain and Breguet are top tier watchmakers with catalogs full of 5 figure prestige watches, not to mention the amazing history. They crush Rolex btw. Harry Winston’s limited complication designs, wow! (butI’m a Swiss watch snob). Omega is a mid tier but gets Bond, racing and astronaut hype. Marketing to the masses. My order: Blancpain, Breguet, Harry Winston, Omega, Longines, Hamilton, Rado, Certina, Tissot, Mido. Btw, I respect your watch selections but my tastes lean towards, or at least include more masculine complication tool watches.😉

  4. Everyone is so obsessed with stainless steel sports watches, i get that. But the Omega 40mm DeVille Tresor, especially in white gold with the "clous de Paris" pattern on the dial, that's a killer watch.

  5. Breguet, Blancpain, and Glashutte are the best watch brands owned by Swatch Group. Even they distinguish them away from their other brands. They are classified by them as their luxury brands. Omega is not. Although, I love Omega and I prefer all four of those brands to a Rolex


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  7. Tissot was my first Swiss watch, and for a long time the 'best' watch I had. For that reason, they still get some love, but the Swatch Group has some incredible brands under their control.

  8. Omega is the best brand among the group but Breguet, Glashutte, and Blancpain are definitely upper tier watches. Omega is in my opinion, the best brand when discussing the iconic history of the speedy, and also the robustness of the seamaster line which definitely appeals to the anti Rolex crowd. Of course opinions are completely subjective including mine. Hamilton, Longines, Tissot are great watches for value conscious collectors.. Great video btw….

  9. RADO is my all time favourite Watch Manufacturer – So many firsts , first to use Sapphire Glass (Diastar), first to use Ceramic – Really innovative in its designs and Materials now and in its past – and its prices are very reasonable – My 30 year old Diastar (because of its Tungsten Carbide case) still looks as good as the day it was made – My Second favourite Swatch Group Member has to be LONGINES which has very tasteful and classy watches at affordable prices – Worst is OMEGA in my opinion – Although I do like the Railmaster, but its so expensive now that no everyman blue collar worker, who it was originally designed for, can afford it – Nothing else from their collection stands out to me

  10. I really love the Swatch company and all of their lineup. I believe that a watch collector can create an amazing collection only using Swatch and it's affiliated brand and not really miss out, but that is my personal opinion. Having said that, I would rate the watches as follows: 1- Breguet 2- Glashutte 3- Omega 4- Longines 5- Blancpain 6- Rado 7- Mido 8- Hamilton 9- Certina 10-Tissot and finally at 11- Swatch. Breguet is my favourite because it has so much history (I know about Omega going into space and moon), but Breguet was the first brand to make a wristwatch for the Queen of Naples and also (this is contentious) but been said to be the first to create the tourbillon. Let's not forget, if it's not for Swatch, the Swiss watch industry would have collapsed due to the Japanese movements.

  11. Everything is relative and it kinda depends on how you define "Best"
    All Swatch Group brands are going to have their niche, so saying Omega is better than Tissot is kinda meaningless, because they are manufactured to be better. Mido, Certina, Rado are all very comparable, but they swing in different markets. Swatch takes advantage of name cache in the individual markets.

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