The Best Watch To Buy That Will Still Be Desirable, 20-30 Years From Now? | Hey HODINKEE

It’s that time again. On Episode 4 of Hey HODINKEE, a reader writes in to ask what watch to buy now to give to his daughter waaaaay down the road (nothing wrong with planning ahead!), and we look at the hows and whys of hand-setting the time. Also, Jack looks at a question all of us who collect have to face, sooner or later: How seldom is too seldom to wear a watch?

We hope you enjoy the show!

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  1. That father is just looking for an excuse to buy a watch for himself. A more reasonable position would be to buy the watch for the daughter when that life event came up. Why does he think his daughter will want a scratched up watch that he chose?
    "Here you go, sweetie, but you'll need to get it serviced and clean the gunky caseback! But think of all the memories that this watch has (but connected to me, not you)."
    "Uh, thanks dad…"

  2. I don’t agree with him recommending GS. The watches are really nice but the lineup is way too big for it to be a classic watch. A typical Rolex DJ, explorer, sub or GMT would be the safest choice IMO.

  3. Like your commentary, and show. Unfortunately I believe you are wrong about all watches being unisex, anybody can wear any watch they would like but that does not mean all watches were meant for everyone there are certain designs that were definitely meant for women as well as size, and the same goes for men. It is utopian and the naive to say all watches are unisex

  4. If you've been a watch guy for 20 years, you should have built a collection that fits you. You have gone through mistakes and parted with the pieces that don't delight you. Whatever remains in the collection after 20 years MUST be desirable–to you.

  5. I have three kids who are now in their early 20’s and as a watch fiend, I’d love them (especially my boys…yes, I recognise the sexism there) to share my passion for mechanical watches. Nope. They pull a phone out of a pocket, or they prefer a smart watch. I get it, but we can’t force our sensibilities or passions on our kids, well, except at the threat of withholding affection, immediate cash or long term access to an estate. If only they knew there’s none of the last two. I spent it all on watches!

  6. If it's college graduation before the watch is gifted, and based on today's college kids, you might want to plan for the 35-40 year plan. Then hopefully the watch has appreciated enough to pay off their $1M student loan debt.

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