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When it comes to everyday watches with a more casual feel and more than enough durability to tackle the day to day, field watches, many of which feature some military design inspiration, are a great option to consider. In this video, I’ll share some of my top picks when it comes to field watches, from the affordable all the way up to the world of luxury watches.

Complete Reviews of Watches Mentioned in this Video:
Orient Defender II:
Seiko SRPG27:
Marathon GPM:
Bulova Hack:
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical:
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Black PVD:
Hamilton Khaki Field Auto:
Hamilton Khaki Murph:
Seiko SPB157:
Sinn 556 I:
Omega Seamaster Railmaster:
Rolex Explorer:

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  1. CWC Mellor 72 manual wind……..from Silvermans London……£449.00……….an exact reissue of the British Army watch in the 1970’s…….a mechanical alternative to the quartz version shown.

  2. I think the Seiko 5 is true to the "field" watch style but I hate the day complication. Yeah I know it's a 5 but why can't they make a model without the day or even without the day/day feature? The Seiko Baby Alpinist is nice and the 200M WR is fantastic but it really doesn't look like a field watch. So Seiko should do this. Make something like the Baby Alpinist with the no day function, black dial, white fully lumed Arabic numerals from 1 to 12, red Arabic numerals from 13 to 24, brushed or blasted SS case and bracelet and 200M WR. It wouldn't have to a 6 series movement. A hacking/hand wind 4 series would be a good choice to keep the cost down.

  3. Nonsense. LOL@ "Explorer" and all these other silly automatic watches. Please. These would be great field watch choices if it was 1950 when they were designed and when they were "state of the art" 70 freakin' years ago. (I reiterate, "LOL".) Casio Protrek ABCT watches. 3 sensors: altimeter, barometer, (real) compass (not silly caveman sun/bezel method), thermostat. Phenomenal legibility, lume, and the dial even automatically lights up at night. Solar quartz — way accurate, no battery changes, last forever. 100 meter water resistance. Cost around $200. Let's shake loose from the marketeering grip of Nick Hayek quartz crisis strategy, get real, and make field watch recos for THIS century — eh? This is a MODERN field watch with MODERN and useful complications. State of the art field watch for THIS century, not mid-LAST century overpriced relics.

  4. What do you mean by hacking? Also, is seiko the same company that made TVs back in the 70s, 80s? If yes, do you really consider them a watch brand or more like a company that has their hands in everything?

  5. Glycine, first time I've heard you mention them.
    My favorite 2 watches to wear at the moment are glycine, the F-104 in black and I bought the white as well. I enjoyed the black so well, I spent 2 years looking for the white face on the used market because they were discontinued. I'm not a fan of Invicta, yet now I own a brand owned by Invicta, oh well.

  6. Hi Teddy. I am really thinking about buying this one. I saw another model on their website SRPG41. Quick thoughts on this one? Thanks.

  7. Can someone explain to me why most field watches don't have rotating bezels?
    As some who hikes and backpacks frequently, having a roatin bezel is extremely useful out in the field. Being able to easily track how much time has elapsed while progressing on a certain bearing is something that I use my dive watches for. Furthermore, since I find myself going in lakes, rivers and waterfalls, I can be at ease knowing my dive watch can take. Another useful point about rotating bezels, while not necessary, in the case that you lose your or break your compass, you can find north by using and your bezel and the sun.
    For these reasons, this why I always wear my 2nd generation Seiko Monster with me. It has an absolutely fantastic lume, and it's extremely tough, so I don't have to worry when banging it up while on though trails.

    Personally, I just can't into field watches because I wouldn't take them out in the field, as I do with my Seiko Monster. "Field watch" just feels like misnomer to me.
    (I know that there are field watches with rotating bezels, but a vast majority of them don't)

  8. Love hand wound field watches. Autos are neat. I daily a Seiko 5 sports with a replacement silicone strap because the nylon canvas one it came with was crap. Because I don’t beat on the seiko, i just ordered the 40 mm Timex MK1 Aluminum chronograph for like 30 bucks. Can’t wait to get it. Definitely going to be my quartz beater. Looking forward to wearing it out over a few years.

  9. I have had the Orient Defender II for about a week now and I adore it. This is my 6th Orient and although I really like my Kamasu and my Ranger I think this one is my favorite. It's my second field watch and I am really beginning to love this thing. I recently bought a Phoibos Voyager and a long island homage to the original Monster all within the last month and this is by far my favorite of my three new watches.

  10. As a Correctional Officer and Wildland Firefighter my go to watch was actually a Timex Expedition. As My taste and progressed I went with a Seiko SNK809. Since my eyes have gone a bit downhill I currently wear a Victorinox Field Force 42mm. The visibility and ruggedness is unparalleled. Triple anti reflective sapphire and quartz movement are unbeatable.

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