The Best Everyday Swiss Watch for $1,000? – Longines Conquest 39mm Review

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One of my favorite Swiss brands in the $2,000 – 4,000 range is Longines, which offers a lot of value in terms of luxury finishing and upgraded ETA movements for a more reasonable price compared to many other Swiss luxury options. In this video, I’ll take a look at the mass-appealing Longines Conquest in a wearable 39mm case size. For me, this might just be one of the best options for an everyday watch at just over $1,000.

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  1. Blue is the best. How often are people looking at your watch in the dark anyway. You may use this in a pool or ocean but no one swims in the dark. Rolex is not 10k better than than this watch. I would say about 20% better is that worth 10k to 20k more? NOPE

  2. I really like Longines as a brand – I have a Hydroconquest and a couple of vintage ones and on the latter pair I was able to get details of the watch from Longines history department free of charge. One is a 1914 pocket watch that was sent to the distributor in Paris – Great history!

  3. The lack of applied indeces on black dial just pulls me off this watch. That's really strange decision and I'm really mostly a black-dark grey dial guy… They could easily put the lume inside that negative space on indeces.

  4. It's a very nice watch I was exited to buy but when at the store for the buy . I was sadly faced with this weird situation about the black version not available with applied markers and numerals and had to turn to another brand . I was very disappointed because Its almost a perfect watch in my opinion. Why Longine why?????

  5. I have the older model of this Conquest on rubber. I absolutely agrees with you that this model is grossly underrated and it deserves more attention. Built quality is great at this price point. This one is a keeper 👍

  6. I consider this conquest is a Dress version of the hydroConquest, which are very nice indeed.
    Are there sales statistics from Longines on model sales? One mentioned the "Heritage" lineup is what Longines is most known for. But I'm more like Teddy's GF, I prefer the better more modern design lines and a bit more flash rather than the "dull and worn" looking models (check TB's video with Courtney Ryan). I have an auto HydroQuest, Flagship/ FS Chrono, Master and older models from when I first started wearing watches back in the early 80s (and Wittnauers). I do like the Flagship Heritage and Conquest Heritage as I used to own a few manual winds of those long ago, but I generally look at the current website Heritage lineup as bland to my tastes. Also, I have a couple Tissots, primarily because they sponsor MotoGP and I gave them a try and love those too for the price.

  7. Gotta lotta love for Longines, It's a national institution in France, Like Hamilton in the States, as a brand it has everything except….a decent modern dive watch. The Hydroconquest is a tinsel festival of shiny surfaces and gauche design choices, makes you appreciate the Aquracer🤣 This model however, rocks but the best value in the range is the Big Eye

  8. Just received mine — the black 39mm model — and have no complaints. A handsome, well executed watch for an exceedingly reasonable price. Had zero problems with the butterfly clasp; fits perfectly.

  9. Great review, thanks for that. It looks like it has borrowed the case and crownguard off the hydoconquest? 300m water resistance is amazing but i dont usually dive that deep with my casual watches on. I dont even go 300m horizontal.

  10. Good shout Teddy. When you see some of the designer crap that some buy for this and more. Well….! For anyone wanting a Rolex Explorer who doesn't have, or doesn't want to splash out that kind of money, this looks like the perfect choice.

  11. I’m very interested in getting the Conquest as my first luxury watch, but was wondering how it compares to the Sinn 556I. Around this price the Sinn seems a universally well-reputed piece, although I personally prefer the more sporty look and the added water resistance of the Longines. Does the Sinn have a mechanical or other advantage over the Conquest that someone like me who is relatively new to this tier of watches may be unaware of? Would something I’m not realising now make me wish down the road that I had gone for the Sinn?

  12. High polished indices on a black dial tend to disappear under certain lighting conditions. Although less elegant, it does make sense to use white instead. Applied white blocks would have been nicer.

  13. Longines may be not very popular, but their watches are very reliable and of good quality. They probably can sell at higher price if they have in-house movement. Another good choice is Tissot Silicium.

  14. your videos and commentary are so compelling. even watches that are not on my radar seem so attractive! good work, teddy. besides, i am from cleveland too! always see it in the backgrounds : )
    keep up the good work!

  15. I have the black and also the blue Longines Conquest 41mm Quartz.
    To me it has the look of the Rolex Explorer in the slightly larger size which suits me.
    I prefer the applied indices on the blue to the printed on indices of the black one.
    However the black one has the lume.

  16. I love this watch so much, but I wish they'd have the date in black for the version with the black dial. It's a weird pet peeve of mine but I just can't stand the white date on a black dial; it's so easy to just use a different color!

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