The BEST Cheap Watches That Watch Nerds Love

FINALLY. THE GRINGA IS TALKING AFFORDABLE WATCHES! Casio, G Shock, Seiko, Hamilton & Tissot. You guys have been ASKING FOR IT! So I thought, we’d better stop talking Patek and Rolex, and get talking fantastic affordable watch brands, that even watch snobs love.

You know, I needed to do this video following my flex video. There’s so many ugly, watch snobbery, materialistic things I’ve seen arising in me. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a fantastic watch! These are some of my all time FAVOURITE affordable watches & watches that I either have in my collection, OR WISH TO HAVE IN MY COLLECTION.

Today we are talking about Casio F91W, Casio G Shock, Seiko Sumo, Tissot PRX and Hamilton Khaki Field.

Of course I can’t name all the best cheap watches! WHAT DID I MISS?!?! COMMENT IT DOWN BELOW!
I feel like TIMEX is definitely missing in here! Seagull Chrono. Lots more Seikos.

0:00-0:58 – INTRO
0:59-2:04 – F91W
2:05-3:40 – G SHOCK
3:41-4:27 – TISSOT PRX
4:28-6:05 – SEIKO SUMO
7:16-8:41 – OUTRO

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  1. I said Hamilton’s khaki field mechanical is automatic. It’s not. Ignore me! Coca Cola is unhealthy and effects your brain. This is what happens when you take a break from alcohol, kids.

  2. Alright… let’s get the video soon that everyone really wants : “WHERE THE GRINGAS ACCENT ACTUALLY COMES FROM!”

  3. Put in Citizen Ecodrive, Casio Protrek and Tough Solar series, Phoibos Quartz (from Long Island Watch)…

  4. Seiko always seems to be scoffed at – not by you, but lots of reviewers look at the cheaper Seiko watches and criticise the time keeping. I have had SLA033ji (Willard reimagined) and the SLA043ji (62 MAS reproduction). Both have calibre 8L35 movement and honestly…plus 2 secs a day gain! Which compares pretty well with my Rolex AK116900 Superlative Chronometer. You see, it all depends on who puts the movement in lol…and that is the real issue. It shouldn't be down to chance when you are paying north of £4000. I know this is a review (Gringa style) of affordable watches, but also wanted to mention the finish on both the aforementioned watches…..excellent! (With no bezel alignment issues). And, I have had GS Hi-Beat which is a completely different level; easily eclipsing the Datejust I had. That is the problem with Seiko as a brand….it makes cheap watches and then watches which are aimed at the luxury market. Unfortunately, there is a spill over on quality control, as I know that some have bought the luxury watches and found…bezel alignment issues, chapter rings not centred etc. They should concentrate on one area of the market or the other….save the cheaper end stuff for Pulsar. Oh, and the Seiko Padi I have (a cheap watch) lines up perfectly and keeps good time. Keep doing your stuff Gringa, as its highly entertaining, and more than pretty informative.

  5. I watch this, I think is this woman ok, is she high, is she on meth? She cited Marshall Mathers as a source (dude hasn’t been relevant since he turned in his balls) see my first question.

  6. You are not the typical G-Shock Girl. But if you sell a few Rolex, could you buy a G-Shock Dream Project. Would that be something for you?

  7. I'm definitely on board with Hamilton. I used to have the Khaki Field with date function. I don't know why I sold it!

  8. Vostok watches. I have been told you don't wear a Vostok watch, it wears you. Just bought one and looking to get the Orient watch also.

  9. I have bought into the whole Seiko thing and one of the GMT models (Grand Seiko) is my grail. But, aside from that – as far as affordable goes – I have gotten into a particular micro brand that designed watches for the Special Forces unit I was assigned to when I was in active service. Those are the two affordable watch brands I buy.

  10. @watch gringa, I found you by chance and (as a watch enthusiast) I am delighted by your content. By the way, the only place I've been referred to as a "gringo" was in Colombia. Where did you pick up your moniker?

  11. Doesn't Certina have a nice dive watch around $800 US? I could be talking out of my @r$e also. Nice vid, Brittany? Britney? Thank you.

  12. You owe me a compliment. I'm wearing my 38mm HKM while watching this. Anodized moss colored. Also my CW vintage diver mechanical. It's a dual mechanical day!

  13. Maaaan the production of this is beautiful! And my collection is literally the first two watches! So I'd defoooo get a Gringa compliment ! Woop

  14. Gringa bang for buck Citizen NY0040 is untouchable imho. Just picked one up and blown away by how great it is

  15. Seiko is all about finding the diamonds in the rough. Some special models out there with hand painted lacquer from local Japanese trees and rock solid divers. Check out SARK003 and SBDX017, my two favorite models.

  16. Nice list. Btw, re the Hamilton. Now, despite what many people say about 50m water resistance , my wife has a Samsung Active smartwatch with 50m water resistance. Not only does she swim with it, but the health app on it has a specific setting that measures her speed and stroke count ( no dirty joke please!😉) so if the Hamilton has water resistance as reliable as a Samsung smartwatch, you should have no problem swimming with it.

  17. First of all thank you for your effort and time spent. You're cheeke and funny. Anyway it's a great thing that a girl comes here to share with everybody her knowledge about watches and horology. Good for you!, so I wish you the best.

    My heroical brands are Orient and Casio.

    ** C'mon girl! the term "gringa" is so naughty !!

  18. I watched this video on a tv an paused it to write this comment. Many seiko divers have a bezel that aligns well and they have the spb143j which is like the bb58 but much cheaper I’ve got both and I still don’t get it I mean spb143j is really THAT GOOD. I inspected it with a magnifier and a macro lens and boy is it well made. Also. The best movement.

  19. I totally agree with you about Seiko, I have a couple but personally like Orient better for their style and refinement over seiko. The bezel better align….. agree

  20. Good on you, you not so snobby but a little snobby watch Gringa. 😅
    I mean that politely.
    It’s good to have some room for the mere mortal watches.
    Lots to love here.
    Timex/Seagull however, hmm not me…
    Feet planted to the ground, good job😉

  21. Citizen eco drive. Solar power is underrated. Just bought one for my mother in-law who just want something that works all the time…..

  22. i love seiko yet i am still bashing 'em. Stupid seiko announcing tons of watches but does not improve their qc. the price also increase.

  23. Really enjoyable, thank you. British microbands next (Farer, CW etc.)? You got a great shout-out on Monday's Scottish Watches!

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