The Best Automatic Watches Under $500 (2020)

40 Best Automatic Watches Under $500:

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The deeper I get in watches, the more I tend to appreciate watches at affordable prices. There are no doubt more bad watches than good being sold under $500, but in this video, we look at some of the best automatic watches that you can buy for under $500.

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  1. Note that you can also find some discontinued automatic Tissots such as the PR100 or old Couturiers that are either on sale or in clearing that use the powermatic 80 movement. Can be difficult to come across at the $400-$500 price point but most success will likely be found in the January sales period.

  2. I would love an Update on this Video for 2022, if possible.
    I am just starting to get into watches and my Budget for a Watch is probably more in the 200-300$ range. Getting all the inspiration in the 500$&under category is very fascinating tho and makes me want to consider even more watches.

  3. HiTeddy, if you were to recommend a watch between the orient kamasu and the seiko dress skx which would you recommend over the other? I’m a beginner watch buyer I’m getting my orient bambino in the mail today super excited!

  4. My question on these "lower priced" automatics is serviceability (the affordable Tissot Swissmatic movement comes to mind as being replaceable but "non-serviceable"). At what price range are watches no longer "throw-away" movements?

  5. Amazing I love your videos. Your concise, clear and very helpful in finding a watch. I also love your luxury watch videos!

  6. Hey man, great information and very nice work on the video. Thank you!
    I think I found a watch that gives the ones you mentioned a run for their money- tissot couturier powermatic day date. Incredible deal.

  7. "One of the top 5 watches for the German air force during WW2"… You mean, the Nazis that bombed cities and killed millions of people? Would be a great "legacy" to mention while selling to the Neo-Nazi crowd, I bet ! But being a normal person whose family lost 4 people in that war, I wouldn't buy anything that has a "backstory" or "tradition" of being used by the Nazis, no matter how nice. And as a manufacturer/seller, I would never mention "oh, by the way this is the same brand of watch the Nazi pilots wore while murdering people with bombs".

  8. Thanks for the run down on these mechanical watches. I'm excited to get my first. Anyway, I wonder how many people are actually diving with these? My guess is very few.

  9. I truly love how "not snob" your YouTube channel is. I lot of us would love to have a great luxury watch collection, but can't afford it (even though we like to watch the videos and dream about it). You dont mind talking about Casio, Orient, Seiko, etc. Kudos to you. Keep the good work.

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