The assassination of Swiss watches by the coward Apple

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Apple is known for bringing products into the mainstream. They are rarely the first to do anything, but they wait and try to be the best… or at least, the most popular.

Smartwatches have been around for a while but the popularity of the Apple Watch cannot be questioned: here are some hard numbers on that.

The smartwatch sector is growing at approximately 20% YoY.
Apple is the most sold smartwatch, holding over 33% of the market, with the next competitor only at 8%.
At the same time, by 2017 you could already find reports of the Swiss watch industry was on a decline, and the pandemic made it a lot worse.
Now as of today, Apple sells more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry. The gap widened in 2019 to 30.7M vs 21.1M. That’s number of watches sold.

Swiss watches are more expensive, certainly- but Apple watch sales for 2020 were $30.6B. The Swiss watch industry’s total exports were valued at $15B.

Those are your Rolex, your Cartier, your Hublot- COMBINED. So there is strong evidence that could lead us to predict that traditional watches are a dead man walking: who would use one in 50 years? Heck, in 20 years. But it’s not that simple. Let’s see if the Swiss watch industry is really about to die. This is Company Forensics.

0:00 Intro
1:33 A case for Swiss watches
3:24 A brief history of time(keeping)
4:13 The technological contributions of horology
5:07 The Quartz Crisis
6:21 Complications: a key part of Swiss watches
6:56 Complications explained simply
8:43 Swiss Watches: Art, Craftsmanship, and Self-Expression
10:25 Apple and Horology
11:57 Why the Apple Watch is successful?
13:41 So what’s next?
14:35 Is there a mid-range?
15:57 The future is safe

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