The assassination of Swiss watches by the coward Apple

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Apple is known for bringing products into the mainstream. They are rarely the first to do anything, but they wait and try to be the best… or at least, the most popular.

Smartwatches have been around for a while but the popularity of the Apple Watch cannot be questioned: here are some hard numbers on that.

The smartwatch sector is growing at approximately 20% YoY.
Apple is the most sold smartwatch, holding over 33% of the market, with the next competitor only at 8%.
At the same time, by 2017 you could already find reports of the Swiss watch industry was on a decline, and the pandemic made it a lot worse.
Now as of today, Apple sells more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry. The gap widened in 2019 to 30.7M vs 21.1M. That’s number of watches sold.

Swiss watches are more expensive, certainly- but Apple watch sales for 2020 were $30.6B. The Swiss watch industry’s total exports were valued at $15B.

Those are your Rolex, your Cartier, your Hublot- COMBINED. So there is strong evidence that could lead us to predict that traditional watches are a dead man walking: who would use one in 50 years? Heck, in 20 years. But it’s not that simple. Let’s see if the Swiss watch industry is really about to die. This is Company Forensics.

0:00 Intro
1:33 A case for Swiss watches
3:24 A brief history of time(keeping)
4:13 The technological contributions of horology
5:07 The Quartz Crisis
6:21 Complications: a key part of Swiss watches
6:56 Complications explained simply
8:43 Swiss Watches: Art, Craftsmanship, and Self-Expression
10:25 Apple and Horology
11:57 Why the Apple Watch is successful?
13:41 So what’s next?
14:35 Is there a mid-range?
15:57 The future is safe

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  1. Erhm, why would one compare Apple watches to Swiss watches? The comparison should rather be analog/traditional vs. digital/networked. The Swiss own only a really small fraction of all traditional watches in the world, whereas Apple is a big of few player in smartwatches. Now compare how many wear analog watches vs. smartwatches. You get the picture.

  2. If I had $700 dollars, I would buy a $50 dollar smartwatch for every day use, and a $650 dollar automatic swiss watch. Apple is as bad as designer brands when it comes to watches.

  3. Have to disagree strongly…..high end watches are for “elite gentleman club” most of theses gentleman’s have wealth. Rare pieces among this club Is priceless……today’s grail watches are only going to go up. Hope fully today’s flippers and disgusting iced up watches go way. Class and elegance will always be in fashion….tuxedo with a smart watch is wrong

  4. Great video with some solid points. To me Jean-Claude Biver, a legend in the Swiss watch industry, perfectly explains why smartwatches like the Apple Watch are a huge opportunity for the Swiss watch industry.

    Jean-Claude Biver (in an interview with A Collected Man from March 20, 2018): “How do you sell a beautiful pair of Berluti shoes to someone who has never worn a pair of shoes in their life? It’s nearly impossible. Now, consider selling those same shoes to someone who has worn Nike shoes their whole life, it’s much easier. You’d say, “Listen, you had great Nike shoes, but now we have leather. Smell, look, feel, try.”

  5. The reason Apple is displacing the Swiss watch industry, is because you can actually go into an Apple store and purchase an Apple watch. Try that at Rolex, Patek Phillipe or Audemar Piguet right now. If Apple had comparable waitlists, they wouldn't be around another year.

  6. Excellent topic. I think Swiss watches will lose huge market share in the stated price range. But as smartwatch buyers age and have more disposable income, I believe they will move to buy traditional or Swiss watches.

  7. A nice Swiss made watch starts around $2,000 and is a piece of jewelry. An Apple Watch is a hell of a lot cheaper and has a plethora of useful functions. You can’t compare the two watches.

  8. Don't know where you've been but the Swiss killed their watch industry the day they shifted production to China…Just research what "Swiss made" (as opposed to made in Switzerland) really means…

  9. Apple Watch, 1 day odd battery life and looks like wearing a small mobile on your wrist – smartwatches will never replace a good analogue watch – it´s called style. I´ll keep my 26 Euro Mi Band on my right arm and my real watch on the left – all good.

  10. I think that the throw away nature of a smart watch or any piece of digital tech as we understand it today will face the same problems that the Swiss Watch industry is facing along with many others. Chucking an old electronic when its no longer useful is simply not ecologically sustainable in the long term. I think the benefit of an object that remains useful, practical, and useable throughout multiple human lives is a quality that people will begin to demand in their digital technology. We wont see truly great digital time pieces until that happens. However at that point I dont think that we could justifiably even categorize them as a time piece any longer. I have a hard time putting the Apple Watch in that category even now, it can make a phone call on its own at this point its a phone your wearing on your wrist.

  11. Smartwatches will disappear in 10years as Smartglasses will make them obsolete. Why look at the small screen on the wrist if you can have it in front of your eyes? This will eventually free up the wrist for Luxury mechanical watches to be worn just like jewelry by the younger generation. While quartz watches have dominated the wristwatch industry for almost 50 years in quantity produced, it now clearly faces extinction from smartwatches. And soon, smartwatches will also cease to exist. Smartwatches are transitional devices bridging the gap as technology evolves into smaller and more efficient devices.

  12. Yup every peasant with a credit card can afford a schrott like apfel watch 🙂 Swiss watches are different league son.. there is a difference between a masterpiece and some 200 dollar toy watch…suits the average middleclass 🙂

  13. Well mechanical wirist watches have allready been outtperfomed by 100 dolar quarz watches 50 years ago and then yet again by 10 dollar Casio watches 30 years ago and still are arround and they allways will be during the next centuries… But i find it very amusing to brag about market share compared to traditional Watchbrands in this way… For starters It doesn't mean that somthing is better. An applewatch (from a watchindustrie standard / buildquality focused point of view) is allready a piece of garbage compared to other smartwatches let alone a traditional watch at a quarter of the cost… And you have to keep in mind that virtually none of applewatch users have replaced ther existing high quality tradiitional watch by it… I guess 80 percent of new applewatch users didnt wear a wrist watch at all prior to their apple watch and the remaining 20 percent didn't wear a high quality wrist watch prior to their apple Watch … So there you have it… it's nonsens to predict if and in wich way it will affect the marked of Swiss/ Japanese/ German high end / high quality watches… As it clearly will not…Plus the days of smart Watches are allready numberd… They will be arround as long as there are no other devices fulfilling their functions… At the very moment they arrive… The smartwatch marked will die in an instand… Just like the marked of standallone music players like the iPod died… And no… most owners of expensive watches do not spent so much money on them to brag obout their status… as for their own enjoyment… Exeptions are some modells like the Rolex sub…But most owners of less recognisable luxury watches much prefer their watch to NOT be instantly identified as very expensive…

  14. I hate everything about the apple watch, because I own one. But never wear it. With the apple watch, you're still making a statement about who you are but in a much different way than you would with a traditional watch. Prices and limited availability for luxury watches are through the roof right now.

  15. As long as Apple Watches look like Gadgets, little rounded corner rectangles with a one sided screen and black borders, I feel like they won’t be able to take over the mid range mechanical watch market, because they just don’t look elegant

  16. Apple Watch and other smart watches are NOT watches. They are NOT, I repeat, NOT watches! They are just phones on your wrist. They are not watches!!!! A $500 mechanical watch or even a $50 Casio is a billion times more real than any smart watch. You can’t wear a smart watch and tell me “yes I wear watch” hell no you don’t you wear your phone not a watch. Smart watch owners should stop calling them watches. I wear an Omega planet ocean, MSRP $6500, NOT $1500. A real watch. Not some cheap ass smart “watch” that really isn’t a watch.

  17. It’s all about perspective. Who are buying the watches? You can buy 1000 apple watches for the price of the lowest end Rolex. Of course if you could afford a high end Swiss watch you would get it.

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