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When I turned 16, I was given £100 for my birthday and, back then, it seemed like a fortune. The world, in that moment, had become my oyster. Today, however, £100 doesn’t seem to do a whole lot of anything. You certainly wouldn’t be able to purchase a watch that was actually pretty cool and interesting with it—or so I thought. Because £100—and $100 for that matter—is all you need to buy a watch that people have been clamouring over each other to get. It’s the Casio G-Shock GA-2100—the “CasioOak”. Here are three reasons why it’s the cheapest cool watch you can buy.
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  1. I had a casio as a child. Then it got taken away because "it was distracting me". Then I went for cheap quartz pocketwatches, and could never get batteries that worked (and they got taken away because "your watch is distracting you"). And now, at just shy of 30, I'm starting again – with a Vostok.
    Casio is going to come later. Eventually.

  2. This is big fat middle finger to a system that slangs overpriced modern ROLEX's to people they "approve of" WTF // for prices that can easily purchase a decent used car or new motorcycle // of pair of motor scooters or similar // especially obnoxious when we know that ROLEX was not a luxury brand back in the 1960's & 1970's //

  3. When I was 7 years old (in 1990) my then best friend Matt Mayo's mom Carol gave me a CASIO watch that she purchased at COSTCO, with a black resin strap & polymer yellow frame & face within which a small rectangular B&W LCD displayed the time. The original lithium manganese dioxide primary battery (CR2032) kept it running until I was 21 yers old! I wish I still had it!

  4. His monologue for this video comic platinum funny even though it revolves around a petrochemical polymer wrist watch with some metallic & electrical bits inside running on, wait for it, a primary lithium manganese dioxide coin cell of some 2032/2025/2016 size or similar that will probably power the ultra low mass ultra low power consumption bits for 10+ years // eventually the polymer strap will dry out & crack & fail if you wear it daily for years //

  5. Just bought the GA2100-VB-1A, my first GShock ever, never thought i would buy one. But as soon as I put it on, I was in love. And the color combination is perfect and cool. Your best video ever. And the advice in the end ❤

  6. I don’t really like G-Shock watches. To me they are generally just the big and bulky outweighs their aesthetics too much (I have a huge wrist so not against big watches) I was this watch yesterday in store after watching this video not too long ago. I really liked the way it looked on the video so was praying it looked as good in store and it does. I’ll be picking it up for sure it really does look fantastic

  7. It really shows you are not a budget watch channel. There are so many more cool and to me even cooler watches around this price point that I would choose over this one each and every time. Don't get me wrong, this is a nifty watch, but not the only cool one for sure!

  8. People are going crazy and putting aftermarket Royal Oak case on it, and it’s kinda cool. It’s a affordable watch, no one will really criticize how you mod it😂

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