Teddy Baldassarre & Kevin O'Leary React to New Watches

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For this video, I traveled to Beverly Hills, CA to share some of the most interesting 2021 watch releases with none other than Mr. Wonderful. As he always does, Kevin provided some genuinely interesting and always honest takes on some of 2021’s biggest releases. What were some of your favorite releases this year? Do you agree with Kevin’s takes?

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  1. I like these collab videos and get a kick out of Kevin’s commentary most of the time. It does get a bit tiring though hearing him always talk about the value/investment factor of a watch. Sometimes a watch can be awesome just because you like the aesthetics and other factors.

  2. I don’t see any passion here for any particular watch or watch collecting in general.

    It’s just a discussion about which watches are safe to purchase as they will likely appreciate. And no surprise, “the most exciting watch of the year” ended up the PP, no coincidence it is also the one that will be overpaid for the most in the grey market.

    Very disappointing, it just kills the fun of collecting watches. Not everything in life has to be an appreciating asset.

  3. Just a few minutes into the video and I already love Kevin's way of thinking. Approving the move back to 36mm on the Explorer and calling the two-tone a "travesty". Couldn't have summed up my own feelings on these two any better myself.

  4. I so wish I got the rolex thing. I look at them and I think Kahuna. They are a marketing phenomenon not a horological one. And as for size the 44mm+ has been a very recent trend pushed on by so wierd alpha survivalist trend. Its done unless you fly vintage war planes you just look like an unmarried uncle that the family are suspicious of.

  5. Rolex should make more explorers. They could pretty much print money if they made more of them per year. I seriously doubt that they could not do it and maintain the quality. Just up the $ another 1k so you don't have such a disparity with the after market value.

  6. I love to see a Recreation of Paul Newman s Daytona maual wind movement no screw down pushers. I can only imagine how hard it would be to obtain. I actually love the nod to Steve Maqueen orange gmt hand

  7. So he looks at a green dial Breitling and dismisses it as a temporary trend that will go away, not a great investment. Then looks at a green dial Patek and has nothing but good things to say about the green. He isn’t even talking about trends, style, quality, simply looks at watches based on expected appreciation.

  8. Karl, I have a "cheap" Invicta collection. I'd love to own many of these expensive watches. However, I then realize I'd be buying style, not a timepeace. It's the same with cell "phones". Not a phone, but a toy or communication device. And a learning device or a status symbol. Wait a few months and prices decrease. The few phone calls I get are scammers. My cell phone has become a pain in the ass!!!

  9. KO just embodies why I will never be a successful investor. Kudos to him because he's obviously done very well by it, but I have a hard time separating worthiness from my evaluations of value.

  10. 8:22 That watch looks like something that Hublot or Jacob and Co would release, so disappointing that a watch brand part of the holy trinity would do something like this. Just my take

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