Talking Watches With Patekaholic, Jasem Al Zeraei

Ben Clymer interviews Jasem Al Zeraei. His name might not ring as loudly as some others we’ve had here on Talking Watches. But trust me when I tell you Jasem, and his Instagram alter ego, have played a huge role in the watch world over the past five years. He is the man behind @Patekaholic – one of the most followed watch accounts on the ‘gram, and his unrelenting love for all things Patek Philippe has served as model for dozens of other brand-specific accounts. Jasem’s approach to his pursuit of Patek and all that surrounds it is organic and earnest – providing those of us at home with the sharp details of Patek collecting we’d seldom hear of, and even challenging Patek HQ itself, from time to time.

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