Talking Watches With Jason Heaton

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As you might know from his published work at HODINKEE, Gear Patrol, and elsewhere, and from The Grey Nato podcast (which he co-hosts with HODINKEE’s James Stacey) Jason’s take on watches is a bit different. Most of us who own dive watches will probably do nothing riskier with them than go snorkeling, but for Jason, a dive watch is a tool of the trade. A samurai sword is a beautiful object but to this day, the acid test for one made by a master artisan is still tameshigiri, or test-cutting. The first question is not, “is it beautiful?” but rather, “does it work?” and that’s the question every watch Jason’s dived with has to answer.

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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love Tim Mosso, but this interview pretty much negates everything he always says about not swimming with a vintage dive watch. I feel like I just got slapped in the face!

  2. No date Rolex subs are the classic dive watch. You don't need to know the day of the month when you're worried about minutes of O2.

  3. Could you get your hands on the version of the Master Control JLC that is a sector dial? Been looking for one for my brother for big birthday. It's his dreamwatch. I can't find any online or much information or reviews pertaining to it. Would love a review of it. I trust you guys.

  4. Does anyone else pull out there watches and pretend to do an episode of talking watches with your Casio’s, Timex’s, and Seiko alone in your kitchen?

  5. Fellow Minnesotan here, does anyone know where Jason lives in northern MN? Assuming somewhere around the Duluth/Lake Superior area?

  6. Getting into diving because you are into dive watches could actually be considered taking being a posier to the next level.

    Especially considering how popular dive watches are with the general population.

    Kind of reeks of the gotta get dive shots with the dive watch for the gram mentality.

    But each to their own, everyone has their own path. Can’t deny dive watches and diving are both cool.

    But, they don’t need to be intertwined in my view. Dive watches are almost inarguably the best all round watches.

  7. Bravo Hodinkee production team! Going above and beyond to make a Zoom call engaging to watch.

    P.S. Power move by Jack rocking that Bulgari Aluminium!

  8. This was fantastic! Happy to see a Citizen in a collection and I love that his watches are fit for his lifestyle

  9. I’ve been following Jason for many years now on IG and he always talks about his watches and adventures. He always describes them in his captions, but to hear first hand the stories of his watches, was something else! Great interview!

  10. Love, love, love Hodinkee. Can you review or discuss the JLC Master Control Sector. Absolutely LOVE
    this watch. May be the prettiest watch under $15,000 I've seen. Can't
    find any for sale anywhere. Why? Is it a limited edition?

  11. One of the best episodes of Talking Watches – so pure joy in tool watches and the personal stories / history behind. Love it!

  12. Great episode, but: A fencing-scar in Germany and Austria is pretty much only associated with (extreme) right-wing fraternities, which is not a good thing.

  13. This is good, finally a non "rolex rolex rolex rolex, prentionciousness inserted here, rolex rolex" episode, enjoyed this a lot. Looking at Vintage Citizen divers now haha

  14. Enjoyed this one. Noticed a SPOT device on his chest in the mountain climbing photo, that is a neat tool with its tracking feature.

  15. I have noted that the talking watches fall into either collectors with watches that are just interesting in their own right or amazing people's watches that are interesting due to places and event that it has been in. This was one talking watches that I felt had interesting watches and they have been in cool places and events. Kind of best of both worlds!

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