Talking Watches With Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim is someone who has been on our radar for quite some time. You hear chatter around the watch world about famous and well-known collectors, and Daniel is one of those guys that just keeps coming up time and time again. Words like “passionate” and “enthusiastic” are often involved and it was a real treat to finally sit down with him after all these years. It didn’t hurt that he really brought the goods.

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  1. I know how Kim feels, my father gave me my first watch as a child: two tone Citizen eco-drive

  2. My father's watch also seiko he passed away 3 months before ,am kept that watch under his photo frame … got memories too…

  3. I'd rather own a dozen thousand-dollar Seiko's over a $12k rolex any day. My love for seiko is very real. I have a Flightmaster, a genuine original 7002, an SKX, and an SNK803 (beige). And this is only the beginning.

  4. Daniel Dae Kim is the real one. You can't call yourself a watch lover without mentioning Seiko and/or Grand Seiko.

  5. Like MKBHD always Marques, Austin Evan always himself, Linustechtip always himself. Talking time is the flagship show of Hoodinke, it should be Ben 🙏..always

  6. Isn't it funny that when you say Hodinkee [Hodinky] in Slovak language it means watches ? Am I missing something or it is utter coincidence ?

  7. If i ever be half of what this man is, I'll pat myself on the back and conclude that I've succeeded in life.

  8. Rolex is such a hyped brand. They all look boring to me. I wouldn't buy one. If someone gifted me one, I'd never wear it.

  9. Imagine if I said I love watching a film with three white Americans and all that stands for. Yuck tribalistic and racist.

  10. Pure enthusiast. He's got all the right pieces. My fav from the talking watches series so far 👍

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