The Wicker Man (2006)

A sheriff investigating the disappearance of a young girl from a small island discovers there’s a larger mystery to solve among the island’s secretive, neo-pagan community. MPAA Rating: PG-13 (c)2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

Our Man in Havana

Graham Greene wrote this witty comedy inspired by Cold War paranoia. Jim Wormald (Alec Guiness) is an Englishman selling vacuum cleaners in Cuba on the cusp of the revolution. Hawthorne (Noel Coward), a British intelligence agent, is looking for information on Cuban affairs and recruits Jim to act as a spy. Jim has no experience… Continue reading Our Man in Havana

What is a man? A response to Gillette

A short film – Dedicated to all those who sacrifice everything to make the world safer and better for all of us. We agree that issues of abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and bullying are serious issues and stand behind those issues being dealt with and getting the attention they need. Please share this message

An Apple Smart Watch is NOT Enough! 6 Items EVERY Man Should Own By 35

If I had a DeLorean, I’d definitely go back to the future/past to advise my younger self on a few topics covered here on The Urban Gentry. And we’re not just talking watches! In today’s video I share my top 6 essential items for everyone in their 30s. It has always been a goal of… Continue reading An Apple Smart Watch is NOT Enough! 6 Items EVERY Man Should Own By 35