Watch Expert Reacts to TikTok Stars FAKE Watches

Today, I react to some of TikToks biggest stars’ fake watches, as well as their dumba$$ dances, and the ultimate match made in heaven between Grant Cardone and sh*tty Hublot. TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Watch Expert EXPOSES Corruption Within ROLEX. THE TRUTH.

Our USA tour comes to an end! We explore an INSANE $10,000,000 mansion in Miami, visit @Roman Sharf in Philadelphia and I explain why Rolex authorised dealers are RUINING the watch industry! Buy or Sell a Watch: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:


At the end of each year I like to treat my executives with a gift, so I went to see Seth at Essential Watches in Beverly Hills to pick up a few pieces for my team. ————- Main camera: B Roll camera: Stabilizer: Wide lens: Less wide lens: Drone: Microphone: LAV mic: Memory card 1:… Continue reading I BOUGHT $150,000 IN WATCHES


Roman Sharf, owner of Luxury Bazaar stopped by my office to show me some very rare watches worth almost $3MILLION!! Check out Roman’s Channel: Luxury Bazaar: FOLLOW: @ProducerMichael: @AdamSwords: MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: GEAR: Main camera: GoPro: Stabilizer: Drone: Microphone: LAV mic: Cheap LAV mic: Memory card 1: Memory card 2:

FROM HUBLOT TO A $6.5M NAUTILUS! – What Your Watch Says About You!

For this episode I have some major conversation pieces to discuss! We go from the dislikes of Hublot all the way to most expensive Patek Nautilus ever!! Comment below which watches you would like to see on this series! Thank You for watching! Hosted By: Eric Rivera Contact: Eric Rivera Here are some links to… Continue reading FROM HUBLOT TO A $6.5M NAUTILUS! – What Your Watch Says About You!

Watch Expert Reacts to @Stormzy's $4,000,000 Watch Collection

Thanks to Surfshark VPN for sponsoring today’s video! Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code godtier for 83% off and 3 extra months free! @Stormzy got us all fooled with an amazing watch collection… until the very end, where we find out he’s a HUBLOT lover. Absolutely tragic bro. Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:


🥸 DISCLAIMER 🥸 As mentioned, this is a central European take on the situation (German here 🥨) but I do think that this is mostly accurate for places all over the world currently. If you have a different experience, let me know in the comments down below! I’d also like to point out that this… Continue reading Retaining Value: LUXURY WATCHES TIER LIST

Why is HUBLOT the most hated luxury watch brand?

Chronext Promo Code: BARKANDJACK Chronext: Check Out: Nico Leonard of Pride and Pinon – Oisin of The Timeless Watch Channel – Hublot is one of the most hated luxury watch brands, and they are one of the worst watch investments around as their luxury sports watches depreciate the most. I explore the Hublot Big Bang… Continue reading Why is HUBLOT the most hated luxury watch brand?

Watch Expert Reacts to Tom Cruise's WEIRD Watch Collection

Tom Cruise: a magically short man on seemingly endless impossible missions. Does his watch collection match up to his physical height or his monumental stature as an action movie star? I’ll let you know… Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Amazing Watches You Need To See To Believe

You’re about to see the most expensive and unique watches on the planet. What about an octopus or a dragon on your dial? No? Here’s a couple of really curvy watches you might be interested in. You should also check out these timepieces that were inspired by an actual Bugatti sports car and even a… Continue reading Amazing Watches You Need To See To Believe