Are Panerai watches good?

Chronext Promo Code: BARKANDJACK Chronext: Hands-on review of 3 Panerai luxury dive watches: Panerai Luminor Marina 42mm, Panerai Luminor Piccolo Due 38mm and Panerai Submersible 42mm. #Panerai #BarkAndJack barkandjack,bark and jack,rolex,omega,watch review,rolex review,omega review,panerai,panerai luminor,panerai watch,panerai submersible,panerai submersible 42mm,panerai luminor marina,panerai radiomir,panerai 38mm,panerai 42mm,panerai luminor due,panerai bronzo,panerai review,panerai 40mm,panerai luminor due 38mm,are panerai good investment?,are… Continue reading Are Panerai watches good?

Was I Wrong? Are Citizen Watches Any Good?

In this Citizen BM7360-82L Super Titanium review, I answer the question: are Citizen watches any good? Was I too harsh on them in my tier list video? Thanks to Amazon for covering the cost of the watch being reviewed in this video. ▶️ SUBSCRIBE here for more: Affiliated Product Links Citizen watch featured: Casio mentioned:… Continue reading Was I Wrong? Are Citizen Watches Any Good?