Watch Expert Explains Why People HATE Rolex #shorts | Watchfinder & Co.

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Watch Expert SURPRISES YouTube Star @Calfreezy with $1,500,000 of Watches

THE ONLY thing worth traveling to London is to see @Calfreezy but this was more than just a visit! I surprised the YouTube star with some GOD TIER watches. BRAND NEW Twitch: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Watch Expert Reacts to TikTok Stars FAKE Watches

Today, I react to some of TikToks biggest stars’ fake watches, as well as their dumba$$ dances, and the ultimate match made in heaven between Grant Cardone and sh*tty Hublot. TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Watch Expert EXPOSES Corruption Within ROLEX. THE TRUTH.

Our USA tour comes to an end! We explore an INSANE $10,000,000 mansion in Miami, visit @Roman Sharf in Philadelphia and I explain why Rolex authorised dealers are RUINING the watch industry! Buy or Sell a Watch: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Watch Expert Reacts To Rappers' Insane Luxury Watches

Big Gandalf trashes inferior rappers luxury watches. I wish I had the power of Gandalf to make some of these awful watches disappear! Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Watch Expert Reacts to Rappers' AWFUL Watches

SLICK RICK!! I love everything about him but holy sh*t his collection, as well as these other rappers is absolute dogsh*t. Your music may be god tier but your watch collection is f#$king awful! As for Jacob the Jeweler….stop just stop. Instagram: Twitter: Reddit: