Watch Expert SURPRISES YouTube Star @Calfreezy with $1,500,000 of Watches

THE ONLY thing worth traveling to London is to see @Calfreezy but this was more than just a visit! I surprised the YouTube star with some GOD TIER watches. BRAND NEW Twitch: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Best and the WORST of Tudor Watches

I take a look at the history of the Tudor watch brand, as well as give you my recommendations of Tudors best watches. The Tudor brand has some cracking good watches but there are a few that are absolutely bollocks that only Hublot would be proud of. Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Watch Expert Reacts to TikTok Stars FAKE Watches

Today, I react to some of TikToks biggest stars’ fake watches, as well as their dumba$$ dances, and the ultimate match made in heaven between Grant Cardone and sh*tty Hublot. TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

97 Watches Worth Millions…Which Two are the Most Expensive?

Over $5 MILLION $$ in luxury watches in just 3 cases… ☑️ #shorts #watches #rolex #luxury

Watch Expert Reacts To Rappers' Insane Luxury Watches

Big Gandalf trashes inferior rappers luxury watches. I wish I had the power of Gandalf to make some of these awful watches disappear! Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

The BEST Watches Under $300 – 2021 – Seiko, Orient, Timex, G-Shock, and MORE

Purchase the Timex Marlin on Explore G-Shock Watches on All Watches Under $500 on Shop Watches: Shop Straps: Buying Guides: More Affordable Watch Content From Teddy: Best Automatic Watches Under $500 Blog: Best Seiko Watches Blog: Best Microbrands Blog: Seiko 5 Affordables Video Part 1: Seiko 5 Affordables Video Part 2: Watches… Continue reading The BEST Watches Under $300 – 2021 – Seiko, Orient, Timex, G-Shock, and MORE

$150,000 WATCH | How It's Made

Ever wondered how some of the most expensive items in the world are made? Find the history and making of wristwatches here. Subscribe to Discovery UK for more great clips: Follow Discovery UK on Twitter:

Watch Expert Reacts to Rappers' AWFUL Watches

SLICK RICK!! I love everything about him but holy sh*t his collection, as well as these other rappers is absolute dogsh*t. Your music may be god tier but your watch collection is f#$king awful! As for Jacob the Jeweler….stop just stop. Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Watch Expert Reacts to @SteveWillDoIt‘s $2,000,000 Watch Collection

Get 50% OFF your first 6-bottle box for a total of only $53 including shipping! Bright Cellars is the monthly wine club that matches you with wine that you’ll love. Get started by taking the taste palate quiz to see your personalized matches. Hey @SteveWillDoIt if you ever want to buy a watch and smoke,… Continue reading Watch Expert Reacts to @SteveWillDoIt‘s $2,000,000 Watch Collection