I Predicted the Champions League FINAL By Their Watches… (1-0 Real Madrid!!)

It’s the Champions League Final this weekend! So I decided to predict the winner using nothing less than their most valuable assets. Liverpool and Real Madrid go head-to-head in the first ever “Watch-off”. Comment your winner!!! Buy or Sell a Watch: Sign up to the PATREON: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Watch Expert SURPRISES YouTube Star @Calfreezy with $1,500,000 of Watches

THE ONLY thing worth traveling to London is to see @Calfreezy but this was more than just a visit! I surprised the YouTube star with some GOD TIER watches. BRAND NEW Twitch: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Best and the WORST of Tudor Watches

I take a look at the history of the Tudor watch brand, as well as give you my recommendations of Tudors best watches. The Tudor brand has some cracking good watches but there are a few that are absolutely bollocks that only Hublot would be proud of. Instagram: Twitter: Reddit:

Watch Expert Reacts to TikTok Stars FAKE Watches

Today, I react to some of TikToks biggest stars’ fake watches, as well as their dumba$$ dances, and the ultimate match made in heaven between Grant Cardone and sh*tty Hublot. TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Reddit: