Swatch x OMEGA MoonSwatch – Genius Or Destroying A Luxury Brand?

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In this video, I’ll share my thoughts on the Swatch x OMEGA MoonSwatch, a watch that absolutely shook up the entire watch industry. What are your thoughts on this unique collaboration?

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone. What do you all stand on the Swatch x OMEGA collaboration (especially if you are an OMEGA owner)?

  2. Well to me this watch isn't worth $200+ in anyway.. i would rather buy a homage from Pagani.. I don't care about what people will think about a homage, If I want this look and a better deal I would definitely not buy this watch with acrylic crystal and Plastic case with a quartz movement.. this all hype.. but a good publicity for watches nonetheless as this attracted many new customer who weren't into watches but now are interested.. a gateway to people who are new but not a value for money… But concept is cool.. if it was 50$ then sure, good deal! But other than that I just don't care what they say to market this plastic timepiece..

  3. This devalues omega. The fact that omega would allow there logo on such a cheap watch is a slap in the face to there brand that will put them on the level of tag heur

  4. It's a cheap plastic watch, nothing more. If they're selling it for 200 dollars, you have to ask how much it cost to produce; 30 bucks? 40?

  5. Is it a “collaboration” when the parent company makes them do it?
    I’d say not.
    Sorry, but I wouldn’t pay the high prices asked for an omega, now that they’ve made it less of an exclusive brand by making it accessible to basically anyone.
    Like Rolex, most people see one on a wrist, think it’s probably a fake even though you probably paid a fortune for it. So if you’re dressed to impress, you would wear that Rolex. Bad move all around. They’ve reduced the omega brand to their lower cost sister companies.

  6. I don't own a Swatch Teddy, much less an Omega. But I it is fair to say that even though this Swatch x Omega collaboration has been great to create a lot of talk and opinion I don't think you have to own any of those brands to realize that this is mainly a hype. The Moonswatch may be total phenomenon, especially for the Swatch fans. But at the end of the day the only thought that goes through my head is what other quality watches I can buy for the same price or less. Take away the Omega logo and you just have a piece of overpriced plastic. You yourself Teddy have shown many awesome watches that are superior in comparison with better value at way much lesser prices.

  7. i can picture a younger generation of watch enthusiast start with this moonswatch and move up omega's watches to reach their end goal and showcase that entire journey. Then, these people will pass those watches to their kids at different age/maturity in the future.

  8. This is not an actual Omega. There are almost no Omega parts in this watch. And remember the Omega broke on the moon and was replaced by a Bulova.

  9. Not a watch I'd be considering myself. In my opinion it cheapens the Omega Speedmaster image. Just my opinion though. If I was looking to buy something similar I'd be extremely tempted to spend almost double (in the UK) to purchase the Bulova moonwatch. That at least has a quality quartz movement, along with a reputation for a good fit and finish.

  10. Never considered buying an Omega. Always bought a Rolex. The Omega Swatch is rubbish but I will definitely buy an Omega Seamaster now! The real thing. Brilliant marketing. John Peacock

  11. Nothing but a branded polished plastic turd to squeeze more money from the vane masses who want to sport a omega. Whoever buys one of these truly deserve what they get. Can't change the crystal because it's fused to the case. First one in history. Omega will forever be tarnished for this scumbaggery.

  12. Lol 260 some can buy but the ideia is 10, 15, x version for 260. In the end u would probably spend the same amount 🤣

  13. If Volkswagen released a Bugatti styled car (or Fiat a Maserati) they would sell immediately.

  14. Great item. I have two Seamasters. One 300M from 92 (bought on credit; my 1st) and Planet Ocean bought last year. I just ordered the Moonwatch online right now. This for everyday use. Was in Beverly Hills yesterday. I left my Planet Ocean in the car on purpose. Not a good idea any longer.

  15. Being a Gen X that has purchased Omega and other brands. I think this industry will be struggling more in the years to come. I see alot the young professionals we hire or work with. They are in love with the smart watches. They like the idea of having that connection. I am in contact with engineers, architects, owners and numerous other people. They all pretty much wear a smart watch or gshock. I have not seen a expensive time piece in probably 6 years.

  16. I have two Omega seamasters, and I would be pissed if they did this with a seamaster. I'm proud of the hard work that I put into to be able to afford my Omega sea Masters. And to see them diluted generic , a replica of my watch sold for 250$,… Yes I think so I think it takes away from the exclusivity. I think I think Omega screw themselves I think I'll make it. Think about it.. can you ever see Rolex doing this? Or patek or AP? Yes it's definitely takes away from the exclusivity.

  17. This was a smart move by Omega. Now suddenly the young generation is learning about luxury Omega watches.

  18. I purchased an Omega Moonwatch for my 40th which is coming up next year (long story, was planning on saving up, but the newer model of the Moonwatch was $3000 CAD more, so it made sense to buy the previous model for cheaper last year), I guess my thinking is did it have to be the moonwatch they do this to, haha. But I guess casual or non watch fans won't know the difference, whereas fans of watches will be able to tell the difference almost immediately. One thing it will change is I probably won't wear the Moonwatch with a nato strap, I'll just wear it with the existing bracelet as that makes it very obvious its not the swatch version.

  19. Seems like they took a Golden Opportunity and flushed it down the toilet. What a flop…. I was swept away when it came out. NOT ANYMORE!!!

  20. Destroying? Nop, I went for one of this one OxS and I bought the original one because it was not available 😅(and it was my plan for many years, I like a lot the speedmaster). The Speedmaster is a masterpiece. I still want one of this. The thing is that Swatch group have no special relevant presence in the newspapers and with this movement he has lot of atention from the media. So it was a very good movement, and some of us have bought the original. Rolex sells two times Omega so, this is good for Omega, they generate news and everybody speaks about them even people not interested in watches. They have thought in everything 👍

  21. I have an Omega Aqua Terra – it has lost all it's luster in my eyes. I will never buy another Omega. I'm trying to sell it now to buy in to a real luxury brand.

  22. Short Version: I typically wear Rolex and Tag. Was about to buy Omega Moonwatch. As a direct result of this collab; I will not be buying the Moonwatch, and have scratched Omega from my "maybe" list.

  23. i own an Omega Constellation 18K & stainless &
    I just learned of this moon swatch today.
    I plan on getting the Neptune ASAP.

  24. The watch industry is overinflated by rich collectors and wannabe investors. All a gigantic Ponzi scheme that will collapse

  25. I own four vintage Speedmasters and an original Speedmaster II. These collaboration Swatch Speedy models are fun too wear and collect and allow the Swatch group to take risks with unusual variations on the classic look without risking the heaps of money that would be on the line if Omega alone had decided to say release pastel pink and blue ceramic cased Speedmaster Professionals in the price range of the existing Omega versions. The price point on these colab models makes them accessible to all ages and income levels broadening the customer base to include the watch enthusiasts of tomorrow. Let’s face it, the smart watch (okay, read Apple Watch) boom has been worse for traditional mechanical watch sales than the quartz revolution was 40-50 years ago. Anyone old enough to remember this dark time in the world of horology should recognize the importance of convincing the youth of today that there is value in timepieces for the wrist that are not multifunction computers. If concepts like the Swatch Moonwatch don’t convince a new generation that there is value in analog and especially mechanical watches this entire industry/hobby that we love might be doomed as the current users age out.

  26. I currently have 4 Omegas in my collection, a 1957 Omega worn by my late father, a PO Seamaster, a Seamaster Diver 300 with the polar face and a Worldtimer, when I first read about this collaboration between Omega and Swatch I was really scratching my head as to “why” now after a few weeks/months I fully understand that the future of the watch world does in fact rest with the younger generation of today, your video hit it on the head.

  27. You didn't have covid teddy you just had the flu and you're starting to talk out of your ass because the whole Moon Swatch thing is a massive marketing failure taking Omega down with it

  28. I have been looking at purchasing the speedmaster dark side of the moon. I no longer want it, the allure has gone. This plastic toy watch has cheapened the brand for me. If someone else loves the swatch version good for them. Just not for me any longer.

  29. This put Swatch back on the map too. No one talks about swatch watches or reviews their latest releases.

  30. Good analysis. Agree time will tell how this marketing strategy will impact Omega. I must admit, this has caused me pause on purchasing a speedmaster.

  31. I have some expensive watches and some fun cheapers watches. I have always said, if you like the watch, get it. So if you like this specific watch, get it and enjoy

  32. Who the f×÷_^'k needs a tachometer on their watch!? For $260 or $6k not for me
    A tachometer is an instrument measuring the rotation speed of a shaft or disk, as in a motor or other machine. The device usually displays the revolutions per minute on a calibrated analogue dial, but digital displays are increasingly common. The word comes from Greek τάχος and μέτρον. Wikipedia

  33. I think this is fantastic, I'm 26 and the thought of dropping $7k and above on a watch is insane. For $250 this thing is great and will get people into the Omega brand where hopefully one day they can buy one!

  34. Genius move, given the Swatch Corporate structure. Nobody else can do the same, really. Apple tried to do a high end gold watch, and shafted everyone that bought one, for example.

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