South Hill Episode 3: Someone Sent Us a Fake Watch On Consignment and You Won’t Believe What Kind

We received a package of about 8 watches from a client for consignment this week ands got a little surprise on one of them and what’s crazy is, it was the one you one have never suspected.

This week we are working hard and taking time to play hard as well. So, we started off by celebrating Darby’s birthday in Laguna beach and ended the week in San Clemente at Cars & Coffee.

We are down two of my new salespeople now. It’s unfortunate but that’s part of starting a business. Sometime things don’t always work out and you have to let people go.

We would love your input on a few of the things we mention in the video so drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Don’t forget about the Rolex giveaway I mention at the end of the video. If you have a consignment piece, please reach out to myself or one of my sales staff:

Anthony – 469-907-3695
Liz – 214-713-8226
Trevor – 469-426-5632
Alan – 818-653-9200


  1. lmfao… this goes to show that you don't need to know anything about movements to sell a time piece. Absolute joke

  2. i dont like this black haired girl at all…she is like a gold diging bloodsucker what only does the easyest things not to be complete usless

  3. I'm impressed by your drive and focus. The manner in which you've recovered from some learning experiences is good to see. Your production values and your & the teams ideas for how the channel should look & 'feel' are admirable. I hope all goes well in the future. Thank you for the excellent content.

  4. I thought polishing is frowned upon? Yet dealers do it all the time to make watches "retail ready"

  5. 30 years as a watch dealer and I have never heard anyone call the winding position the “power position” 🤦‍♂

  6. Antony get a Netflix Deal, My comments are mostly not positive as you’re all over the place, ( You start something new eg Day in the life and the Charity work then fall away within weeks ). It’s all very entertaining anyway. Hope you catch a break soon!

  7. Anthony uses a loupe like a newb. Put the lens up very close to the eye then move the watch to and fro to focus. Nothing much to see here but Morticia's rack is worth an ogle. 🙂

  8. I remember the first GC video where all the comments were good riddance now everyone is wanting Anthony back after the last crappy golf vid. The tide has turned. A video with Anthony talking about paint drying edited by the master Darby would be 100X better than what GC has to offer. Anthony you are the best no doubt in my mind! Wish you nothing but the best!

  9. Very smart business model, all employees get to known every aspect of the business and learn maximum possible.

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