Skyline, Revival A3642… The Entire Early-2022 Zenith Defy Collection Unveiled!

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After a year focusing mostly on the Chronomaster collection, with the successful launch of the Chronomaster Sport and Chronomaster Original collections, for its early 2022 collection presented on the occasion of the digital LVMH Watch Week, Zenith is now taking a look at its Defy collection. A watch born in 1969, somehow a precursor of the steel watch with integrated bracelet, the collection is revamped this year with several new models, such as the vintage-inspired Revival A3642, a re-edition of the first-ever 1969 Defy model. The most important one for this year is the Zenith Defy Skyline, a new take on the collection with multiple design updates and the introduction of a non-chronograph El Primero automatic high-frequency movement. Discover the Entire Early-2022 Zenith Defy Collection now with Romain Marietta, Products Development & Heritage Director at Zenith, showing all the novelties and features of these watches, including the important Zenith Defy Skyline collection.
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  1. Too big to be good taste, the same of AP that is the Nouveau Riches status symbol watch…a gentleman will never wear these shiny peasant things….bleah

  2. I don’t like what Zenith is doing, I absolutely love it. Their attention to ergonomics and wearability is something other brands need to take note of. I own a ChronoMaster sport and it has absolutely sold me on Zenith being an incredible brand and representing a great value in their class. They punch well above their weight.

  3. That Skyline might replace the VC Overseas sport as my favorite 3 hander. The limited edition is really sweet.
    Let me see: I can get 2 of these for the price of a used Submariner. I'll take the 2 Omega watches and buy an $80 Invicta if I get the itch(not likely) for a ridiculously over rated diver.
    Omega has a golden opportunity for new fans that don't want to wait 3 years for a Rolex. The Chronomaster sport makes the Daytona look so outdated.

  4. Which Zenith Defy model will watch collectors be going for in 2022? Not sure if I prefer the new or classic reissue series. The logo on the glass, however, looks like a decal. It would be better if the logo were etched into the glass.

  5. The new strap system is a great improvement but beside that i prefer the slick look of the Defy Classic and also that is made of Titanium so this is not for me but im sure some people will enjoy it. A other thing is that huge watch are most of the time to big for most humans here i really dont get the BIG watch trend…. 38 to 40mm is the sweet spot for most watches to be well balance between presence and elegance.

  6. I, like most comments, wrote this release off initially due to the missing seconds hand. A week later, I've actually fallen in love with his watch, so much so I'll scrap the plan of buying the defy classic as a result. Yes, it would have been better with a second hand, but the Skyline has so many more positives/ upgrades for me compared to the Defy Classic:

    – angular case shape which I adore
    – the detailing on the dial is phenomenal, matching colour for the date window, the star pattern design
    – steel bracelet, I prefer the weight
    – the quick strap swap mechanism
    – upgraded movement and 60 hours power reserve.

    I could not give this all up for the sake of a second hand. I also do not plan my day to the second 😉 Now, just need to decide between the white dial and black dial.

    Well done Zenith, thanks for bringing something refreshing, exciting to the line up. Cheers!

  7. I like it, but too big and I'm not sold on the dial pattern which seems flat to me. Screw down crown and quick change bracelet are good improvements 👍

  8. Bad move from zenith… You losing your Identity!!.. firstly they did Hublot Big bang … No problems, then they did Daytona ..hmm but it has zenith tri colour Chrono..okay why not!! But now they are doing the Royal oak 😮!!! What next Nautilus!! .. I'm starting to lose respect for Zenith…Pathetic .

  9. Such a shame. I love the case design and dial, but the useless 1/10th second counter ruins it for me. I’m not even put-off by the seemingly large 41mm size, as the lug to lug seems to be more than reasonable. That seconds counter kills it for me, though. Replace that with a simple three-hand, and I’ll be placing an order with my AD.

  10. I don't think this one would be successful. It's because the design forgets the original function of a watch. As the second hand dial is not of 60 seconds, how can I read the accurate time? Moreover, the second hand runs too fast, and it would be very tired to read the watch. The bezel design is good. I would urge the company to change the second hand dial back to the normal one.

  11. I like the look of the Skyline. It's a little different which is nice in a sea of sameness. The removable strap system is nice to see as well and it's cool that you get both straps. I think the contrast stitching on that white Defy 21 looks cheap. Contrast stitching never looks good on light colors in my opinion.

  12. The 1/10th second dial is pointless and I cant stop looking at it, its distracting whizzing round. The case size is too big, it doesnt look balanced when looking at the watch head to strap. The polished centre links are a nice touch on the ladies watch but missing on the mens. I had this in the basket on Zeniths website but cant pull the trigger on it, close but no cigar………….

  13. I am a owner of the Defy Classic skeleton in Titanium case. They had the perfect watch there, that just needed a couple of dial iterations and the mechanism to quicly change strap, nothing else. They already increased its price last year, but ok it was still competitive.
    Now they come up with this nonsense in steel priced 1000CHF-1500CHF more than the defy classic. Note here how many times they mention octagon…guess why.
    The launch of the Defy Midnight already showed where the brand was going with their price practices, so this year they add 2 new dials (horrorible btw) and voilà 500CHF more expensive!
    And how about the continuous limited edition/boutique edition/online edition just aimed at taking the profit off the ADs and sell at full price?? Notice how this company increases prices at each novelty introduction.
    I used to be a fun of the brand, now just ashamed for what they are doing and feeling the love for my Defy vanishing. I bet in the long term potential customers will not be fooled when having to decided among Omega, IWC, Zenith.
    Oh don’t try to publicly criticize them, they sistematically remove unfavorable comments and eventually bann you 😂

  14. I dunno, I dig Zenith but this new model somehow leaves me cold, the 1/10th hand looks gimmicky, you see it once and then what, why not just keep it an old school 3-hander, with hi beat and quick release and decent finishing and exhibition back it'd be a great steel sport.

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