Seiko's QC Is GARBAGE! No More!*






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Ummmmmm, thanks Jeff! Sorry mate for having a pop at your watch. It isn’t the only Seiko I’m trashing today, I rubbish two of my own. No more. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Well, I’m a fool for spending over $1000USD on two Seikos and being let down by them both. Never again. I’ll stick to their cheaper stuff in future. Cheers, Jody


  1. I bought a Seiko SKA371 kinetic that quit running within a year. I sent it to the service center and was charged over half the cost of the watch to repair. It quit again a few months later and I replaced the capacitor myself. When it quit again I gave up. I sent an Email to customer service expressing my disappointment and never heard a word in response. I am currently looking to buy another watch and you can bet it won’t be a Seiko.

  2. Few years ago when I bought several models.

    For the SKX009 the thread of the crown has been worn out.

    The Sumo had severe movement issue (too fast, too slow, suddenly stopped).

    The military watch I bought for 300€ stopped no matter it was full wound or not.

    These are not even small QC issue.

    As much as I respect the brand, buy a Tissot or Hamiltion and you are way better off.

  3. Hey Jody – Have you ever reviewed a Seiko Astron? It's been on my short list for a while because it's so unique and functional for all of my traveling. BUT it's an expensive Seiko! Should I be worried about the quality??

  4. Wish I came here sooner – I didnt realise one of my dive watches had a chapter ring that was misaligned, a limited edition "Sarada" SRPF67K1. All my other watches are pint point perfect as I also have the "Matcha" SRPF41J, the "Laputa Castle in the sky" SPB215J1 and the "Tokyo Dawn" SPB205J limited editions and I absolutely love them because of how sharp the QC is… but my poor Sarada is off by enough that it is visible when checking the time. sad face

    Does anyone know if Seiko will accept a warranty claim to get them aligned at their local boutique or service centre?

  5. SEIKO is a japanese company. They will not change. They couldn't care less what us foreigners think. I love SEIKO but you are absolutely right, their QC is trash in many cases and purchasing a watch should never be a worry once the box arrives and you are about to inspect it.
    I recently bought a close to $2000 US dollar SEIKO and I have to say I was very satisfied with it. It's not perfect, but there are no glaring faults with it. There are a few imperfections but you really need to look in a loupe to find them. The bracelet was a big let down though and I've had to tinker with it myself a lot to make it work the way it was intended. So yeah… It's a bit of a mess. That being said, SEIKO make the most fabulous watches in the universe.

  6. G'day Jody,
    Love your video contents mate, thank you for your work. I purchased a "limited Edition" Presage SRPE47J 'Tequila Sunset' in 2020. I bought it with a $50 discount price when it came out ($945.00 AUD). It ran ok but was inconsistent in its time keeping rate so I wore it a couple of times & then put it away. 
    A few weeks ago I finally put it on my timegrapher to find that the beat error was at 0.9 with a + 26 s.p.d. beat rate.
    Like any obsessive watch collector, I went to correct the errors & the watch stopped! I put on my loupe & find that one side of the balance spring is crushed. WTF?
    Seiko have let this through their QC in this condition? I've had it over a year now so I can't return the watch for exchange or refund.
    I bought from my friend's store so if I complained he might help me even now but I shouldn't have to! I've ordered a new "balance wheel complete" from Aliexpress & i'll change it out myself.
    I'm absolutely disgusted with Seiko's apparent profit before performance mind set. Should I ring Star Buy & let them know anyway?

  7. Simple solution to this: just don't throw your hard earned money into Seiko with their piss poor quality control. Nothing is being done because we continue to pour out money into them so why should they even care? That seems to be their motto

  8. Kind of puts my off to the brand in general, every single watch they sell should be perfectly aligned and the bracelets should be improved. There is no excuse for this, I don't care if its $100-$1000 or anywhere in between. You can just buy a Tudor at the range of the watch in the video and they don't seem to have these problems. It's a really stupid way to tarnish your reputation and I do think it affects the perception of Grand Seiko. They have some nice designs but at the end of the day I can't bring myself to dish out the cash for something that has all these problems (I came to this conclusion on my own before this video).

  9. I just bought an Ice Diver and it's misaligned too. Only half the price of this one but still, how does this happen?!? Oddly my bezel lines up with the chapter ring but neither lines up with the dial. Since the dial is patterned it seems it'd be easier to line it all up. It almost looks to my eye like the dial was off center when the hour markers were applied?!

  10. Weird. I have a £350 Seiko PADI diver that lines up perfectly. Also a Seiko Astron at £2,100. Also all good. They are the only Seiko's I've ever bought, and both are great.

  11. To be fair Jody; many of us viewers wouldn’t get to see the extent of the QC issues if it weren’t for reviews like yours that go into so much detail and spent time under the macro!

    So actually if I were you I wouldn’t stop reviewing them. Maybe see it as community interest or something like that.

    If I like the look of a watch (new found love) I generally skip into the back catalogue of your (and other watch YouTuber’s) reviews to see what different people say about the watch. It’s good research.

    Keep it going mate.

  12. I can't believe Seiko would allow such a watch to leave Japan; they value their reputation more than any other nation. Their earlier watches from the 80s were better than what they're making nowadays. I've been looking for something akin to the Grand Seiko; I'm still looking.

  13. I ordered one of these the day before I watched your video. The watch arrived and it was misaligned exactly the same. Completely unacceptable as you say. Sent it back the next day for a refund. Even my two SKX models are better finished at a fraction of the price. I own several Orient pieces, no issues. Citizen are better than all of them.

  14. It's simply ridiculous for Seiko to produce misaligned dials when other watches like Casio edfice or Fossils have no issues. I once brought a Seiko watch with a misaligned dial, thinking I could get it adjusted in the service centre. They told me it's alright and they won't adjust for me. Wow! Simply amazing!

  15. honestly the bezel doesnt look alligned compared to the links either but the dial definitely does look slightly askew the other way as well…when you did the record scratch and stopped the movement of the watch i thought it was because of all the dust already trapped between the bezel and steel on a (presumably) freshly cleaned watch 🤔 just another issue that would bug me…
    my watch collection started with seiko and citizen and while I myself have moved up market (omega, tudor, Tag) ill always have a softspot for citizen and it pains me to see stuff like this

  16. Just received my beatmaker SRPH19. While sizing the bracelet one hollow link attachment to the watch just came apart. Quite the effort to reattach it. Very disappointed with Seiko QC

  17. I totally agree. Within the last two months I have had to return two brand-new Seikos to the store. First was a Flightimer whose lower pusher would not screw down. The second an Alpinist that was gaining about 15 minutes an hour, and yes, minutes not seconds…

  18. I’m also fed up with seiko. Got the green dial recraft recently and the cheap bracelet makes a lot of noise.I also have a seiko 5 and date function stopped working

  19. San martin, proxima, heimdlr, are Chinese Seiko ripoffs but quality wise are worth every penny. I bought a San Martin tuna with a Seiko movement, and can honestly say quality control is better than my Seikos.
    Recently bought a couple of Vostok Europe watches and are excellent. But want JUST ONE MORE WATCH excuse the pun, I'm looking at a yes cosmos if anyone has one let me know if they're qc is good as I'm itching to order one, as I'm into photography and it's just something different love to see a proper review of one.

  20. I've noticed that Seiko has been significantly increasing its prices in the last few years. In Canada, one could buy many Seiko 5s for about $95 to $130, depending on model a few years ago; now, its $150 and up, with many closer to $200 being the norm. They are no longer the same smart buy they used to be, especially if quality is slipping.

  21. Sorry, but when it comes to Seiko, that's what you get from the grey market. I've got three Seiko divers (a SKX007, a Samurai PADI, and a Save The Ocean "Great White Shark" Turtle), all from an AD (Long Island Watch), and the bezels, chapter ring, hands, all line up precisely. Marc does his best to insure all of his watches pass his strict QC standards, and even on the off chance a flawed watch went out, I know he would resolve the issue for his customers. Buy from a grey market dealer and you might save a few bucks, but you often get what you paid for! The stock isn't hand selected, the ones with QC issues are not returned (so they go out to the customer), they come with no real warranty (just a questionable one from the seller), and you are often left with a lemon and no recourse. When it comes to Seiko, stick with an Authorized Dealer with a solid reputation!

  22. I love seiko but i'm not gonna buy anything and i mean ANYTHING new from them.
    Pointless and ugly limited editions once a month, they don't change shit if not colors, some of which look like something a child would wear (bryan may, street fighter and the new 5kxs).. style my arse.
    I only go for vintage seiko watches, the most recent i have is an skx007 and yes, it's slightly misaligned, and even though it's not a 1k+ watch that's still unacceptable, shit's ridiculous.

  23. I’m glad you spoke up and said something. Everything you said was true. I love almost every watch in the prospex time but i have stopped because the alignment problem is just unacceptable. If I worked for seiko i would be embarrassed to say I worked for a company that made that many glaring mistakes producing a watch, and they seemingly have made zero effort to rectify it. Nope nope nope. any $1000 watch you buy will be micer than a seiko. It’s not even close.

  24. I get the misalignment issues but expecting cheap watches to perform remotely close to COSC is kind of absurd. Honestly +-30spd is what you should expect for these unregulated movements.

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