Samsung Made A Better Watch Than Google! – Watch4 Classic

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Google’s line of WearOS smartwatches has been a bit of a rocky road as there hasn’t been a version or brand that can take on Apple’s smartwatches. Jake has been a fan of Samsung smartwatches since the Watch2 Active, so let’s take a peek at the Watch4 classic.

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0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Unboxing
1:10 – Watch4 and Watch4 Classic Physical Impressions
2:04 – Charging cable
2:25 – Comparing Samsung Watches
3:19 – Pricing
3:36 – Watch4 Options
4:50 – Sponsor – MANSCAPED!
5:11 – Setup and thoughts
6:02 – Feature tour
10:06 – Making a call from the Watch4 Classic
10:55 – Additional features
13:09 – Conclusion


  1. Another review not mentioning the inability of this watch to connect with Google work profiles, one of the biggest issues of this device if you expect something else than a step counter… Disappointed about the watch and all the reviews that don't stop repeating the same things and made me take a wrong decision.

  2. I just recently got the non classic model. Everything works without a Samsung phone. I'm using it with a OnePlus 9, hopefully switching to a Xiaomi 12 Pro cuz OnePlus is just shit now.

  3. I've had 3 samsung watches so far, all still working and in use. I rotate them. Gave my Dad a 4th fit. I love the rotating bezel on my Samsung Sport. It's just satisfying to use. I have the active 2 and I find it's peppy and responsive and auto picks up activities better. I could see getting the 4 classic for sure, down the road.

  4. ok dumb question time because when people review Android watches they never mention it. Can you voice text via watch? Can I tap a mic button and dictate a message?
    I know that sounds dumb but SO many garbage android watches do Not have that feature. Or maybe no android watch can do that? I don't know but it's a feature I use constantly on my Apple watch. I am geting the S22 and wanna try a samsung watch but if I can't text with voice on the watch, it's useless to me

  5. I used to love cool watches. Now I just don't get the point. It's like your phone but inferior in every conceivable way, including needing your phone so you don't save pocket space.

  6. Don't buy this watch, confirmed purchase Samsung Galaxy Classic 4. After 1month, the battery would not make it through a single day. Overnight charged and it died at 5pm, then another day at 11am. Samsung Health also never recorded my step counter. I returned it to Best Buy and then ordered a Ticwatch E3, saved money and it is a better watch, no battery problems after 1.5months of use.

  7. I love the rotating bezel it's so satisfying and navigating the watch is great its even fun at times I got it last day of a sale and was really impressed and love the watch

  8. Great video, and nice watch.. I like it but I like my galaxy watch 3 titanium and Samsung still doesn't offer a trade in for it, so I'm not upgrading yet. Only real upgrade is the change in sensor ability.

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