Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review: gone Google

Samsung has released the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. They run Google’s Wear OS 3 platform, but they’re Samsung watches through and through. Dieter Bohn reviews the watches and explains what’s it’s like to finally have a good smartwatch for Android users… with Bixby.

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  1. I've been a Galaxy watch user since the release of the Samsung Gear Fit2 and then moved up into the Galaxy watch. I've been debating on if I wanted to upgrade my watch 3 to the new 4 and this review has given me good insight. Definitely upgrading to the 4 but just have to figure out if I want the classic or not.

  2. I got a question. Still not functioning the Watch 4 on IPhone?? I’m really looking for a nice watch for training and trying to safe money too and I have and iPhone and considering buying the watch 4 but I’m concern that I cannot get all the functions that I would have if I can link it on my iPhone

  3. Samsung watch has been doing pulsox since forever. In fact Samsung has been doing many things before Apple even on their phones. Lastly, even on Apple you have to sign up for the health apps. Nothing is out of the box for either watches, but I could set up a brand new Samsung phone/watch 3 times faster than any Apple device. All I need is my email. That is literally it.

  4. You should rename this video "Samsung Health Review".

    Does it have full internet access, unlike the 3? Can it do Google maps with turn-by-turn directions? Can you run any app that your Galaxy phone can? How is the call quality?
    For all these questions and more, I'll have to look elsewhere for a proper, thorough review. Hopefully one that doesn't mention "Samsung's House" ten times.

  5. I love this reviewer's tendency to say things that aren't at all problematic as if he is building a case. If you want to use the Samsung health feature you have to download smansung health. You really just wasted your breath telling people with three examples that to use an app they have to download it? And you admit the privacy policy is on par with Apple for health things but complain they didn't explain it to you? Explain what? That you have to allow them to see your info? How dare they not tell you they aren't looking. On that vein, let me give full disclosure and tell you I too am not looking. I hope everyone else goes out of their way to tell you this too.

  6. I'm so excited about buying this watch now! Body composition feature was it for me. Latest technology on a smartwatch. I already got my SG Buds Pro, SG Chromebook 4 and SG A32 mobile phone. Been born in Samsung House 🇯🇲💜🙌

  7. Currently my best attempt insult both the apple side and the Samsung side:

    Apple Watch: basically Samsung watch, but for IOS users.
    Samsung watch: Basically the Apple Watch, but for android users.

    Realistically, this probably won’t anger anyone.

  8. Look it's a well known fact the verge are apple fan boys and very apple biased. Iv used the apple watch 7 and the watch 4 classic. If I had to pick one it would easily be the watch 4. It's simply better in pretty much every area than the apple watch. Even when using a non Samsung phone. It looks better than an apple watch. It's faster brighter and more accurate fitness tracking. Have a look at other reviews. Stay away from verge CNET and Renie Richie if you want a non apple biased review. This guy doesn't give the watch 4 anywhere near as much credit as the watch 4 deserves. This is truly indicative of the verge and their bias towards apple.

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