Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – 24 Hour Review! (camera test & benchmark)

24 Hours with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Real World, Camera & Performance Tests! ▶ Buy Galaxy S22 Ultra: (get $50 Instant Samsung Credit)

00:00 Unboxing & Design
02:44 S-Pen
04:23 Display
05:40 Benchmarks
09:39 Camera Test
11:58 First Impressions

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  1. Hi Chaps! CORRECTION: further testing of the 'Extra Brightness' feature in display settings DOES boost the nits by around 200 nits over the S21U in same lighting. (e.g. 1100 vs 1300 nits with a white Google doc open with bright lights above). But i've recorded both peaking at a similar 1550 nits (not 1750 as expected on S22U). So Extra Brightness does work for a manual boost, but same Peak nits. Nice and simple 🤣

  2. China's Samsung Electronics has declined, the official mall does not recognize its own shopping bills, and there are mistakes in all kinds of denials. I really regret that I pre-ordered it for the first time.

  3. I've been an I-Phone user for years, one reason why is the camera (I tend to use it for creating content), but after seeing this video I may reconsider. The Note, I mean S22 Ultra is a beast of a phone.

  4. Great review…very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun 🙂 Do people even read manuals anymore though…lol. Great job on your video 🙂

  5. How the hell did you get such high score on the exynos. I tried time after time and the I get around 830400 on Antutu highest I got was 867806. How is it you get those figures??

  6. from geekbench tweeter

    After extensive internal testing we have determined the following Samsung Galaxy handsets use GOS:

    – Samsung Galaxy S22 (all models)
    – Samsung Galaxy S21 (all models)
    – Samsung Galaxy S20 (all models)
    – Samsung Galaxy S10 (all models)

    Today we delisted these handsets from the Android Benchmark chart on the Geekbench Browser.

    We view this as a form of benchmark manipulation as major benchmark applications, including Geekbench, are not throttled by this service.

  7. I am upgrading from a Moto Z4. How durable is the screen? I plan on getting a otterbox case to prevent a cracked screen. I am clumsy and drop my phone alot. I use it for business and I am on the go quite often. Any better cases or do you think that is the best for drops? I Have never had a problem since I started getting the Otterbox cases. I have pre ordered the burgundy 512 GB.

  8. Please make test S22 ultra in 108MP mode night shots with low light. Not alot of city light 👍🏻 I'm a photographer looking for the best real low light conditions camera. S21 really sucks in night photography 🤥

  9. S21 ultra was a much better designed phone and had much better form factor. Was comfortable to hold and was very useable even one handed. Really wish they had of just continued with that design.

  10. Currently, game optimizing service (GOS) installed in all Galaxy models in Korea. There are many problems with that.

    This GOS reduces the performance of mobile phones by about 80% in the name of heat suppression and safety during games, preventing them from enjoying the game environment properly, and advertising with remote game performances.

    I would appreciate it if you could review this once.

  11. I returned my S22 Ultra since it appears that on the S22 front facing video in portrait video, they got rid of the wide angle. So I am keeping my S21 Ultra because it goes to wide screen on S21 Ultra on front facing in Portrait VIDEO mode. Can anyone tell me if I am missing something? I already returned my S22 but would by again if I CAN film video in wide screen on the S22 Ultra front facing in PORTRAIT VIDEO MODE!

  12. First of all i love Samsung but just like the fold and the flip this is going to be a disaster. its way to expensive and its not much better then the S21 ultra especially the price is ridiculous. I have the note 10 and i took the S21 ultra and brought it back the camera's are way to heavy then i took the note 20 …. same story i think i stay with my note 10 wich is light and fast (more then enough). I pre ordered the S22 ultra and i had to wait untill it will be sended to my home because high end mobiles are not in the shop anymore, because of robbery's somewhere in the past in the other part of Holland hahahaha strange story if you ask me. Anyway i canceled my order no S22 ultra for me the screen resolution is good but not worth the money

  13. I ordered the Ultra in Burgundy with 256 storage. I'm upgrading from S7 Edge so might be a little upgrade for me lol. The 22 pictures really stood out for me, great contrast and detail.

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