1. we are living in a historical era, your ancestors are blessed that they are dead and will not see the things that will happen the day after tomorrow, God exists and will come soon, I am talking about the God who saved you and was crucified for you, but what have you done for him, you despise his ambassador? You proved with that step that you are the children of those who crucified Jesus, he is coming to judge.

  2. 4:53 I want to ask Queen Elizabeth when she will bring back the Bulgarian symbol the 3 lions with the Qrown of Bulgaria? This symbol it is of Bulgarians Kings Dulo and it is of the Kingdom Bulgaria. The Bulgarian flag is empty with the stolen 3 lions-the symbol of Bulgaria. Bulgaria by original constitution is still Kingdom and not legal Republic. We have live kings in Italy and Switcerland. England destroy the Bulgarian country together with the Vatican. England not deserve to wear the Bulgarian national symbol the 3 lions. The queen is queen of Dragons,not the lions. England stole the Bulgarian national symbol of tribe Dulo the 3 lions. We Bulgarians wants The Queen to bring back the National Symbol of Bulgaria the 3 lions of King Kubrat.

  3. A woman of power.queen Elizabeth I have the same birthday as u 21april.we love all the way from Trinidad and Tobago.

  4. Maashallah Queen London England 🇬🇧 UK Good Country Best Country England 🇬🇧 UK Maashallah Alhamdulilah Allah Pak Ka Insaaf England 🇬🇧 UK Good 🥺😔🌝📻💻📺⏰🕌📱☎️✈🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹⭐🌙☀️🕋🥺

  5. Prince Louis looks like thinking: "How my great-granny has been able to endure such a noise for 70 years?"

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