Rolex "Hulk" Alternatives – More Attainable Dive Watches with Green Dials

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At the moment, there are a number of luxury watches that are enjoying previously unimaginable levels of scarcity and appreciation, and the green Rolex Submariner known as the “Hulk” (116610LV) is an excellent example. Because of the now extreme prices and hard-to-get nature of the Hulk in the the current watch market place, I wanted to suggest some alternative watches that are of course less expensive and easier to get, and also take up a green dial diver color scheme. If you like these kinds of alternatives videos, suggest some other watches we can provide alternatives for in the comments!

Reviews of Watches Mentioned in this Video:
Seiko SPB177:
Oris Aquis Cal 400 41.5mm:
Rado Captain Cook:
Bulova Devil Diver:
Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba:
Glashütte Original SeaQ:

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  1. Great video, I was interested in the green watch hype for a while and had the Mido Ocean Star 200c (in green obviously) on my shortlist for a while. I feel like that could fit neatly into this list as well.

  2. ARRGGHH! TEDDY! How did you not include the Ball Roadmaster Starlight in green?! I literally went through this struggle last year! The Hulk has all but disappeared and when I found the Starlight in green and COSC no less, I had to have it and yet…. You’ve totally ignored it… for shame Teddy, for shame. Thanks for another great review 🙂

  3. I purchased the Oris because of their history, the value for what you get and the beautiful green dial. I think the green dial on the Oris Aquis Date kills the Hulk!

  4. alright teddy, don't burn me at the stake, but i have a L-XL wrist @ 8.75"-9", depending on who's measuring, but I prefer watches in the 36-39mm range with my biggest being 41mm (and some giants that were gifts, lol). i've even worn 34mm vintage pieces. not sure what the deal is with the huge wrist-huge watch correlation?

  5. My choose is the longines hydroconquest. Very good finished, high quality and excellent specifications for the price. I love the aesthetic of the Rado Captain Cook.
    Very good selection of watches with all prices. Congratulations, Teddy.

  6. Would love a hulk, but I have got the rado captain cook in green, and it is a really lovely watch. So well made and they just don't seem to pick up scratches either. The steel they use is super bright too, really a premium material. The beads of rice is a beautiful bracelet but my only negative is the lack of micro adjustment on the clasp. The clasp is gorgeous though and super thin. Even though the lug width is 21mm , I have mine on a 20mm leather nato in a tan colour and it fits it, perfectly, no gaps. You can also get some great deals on these too, I got mine for £1300 in used but mint condition. For that sort of money, I can't think of a better watch in terms of quality and finish. 80 hours of power reserve too. Time keeping is fantastic too, really underated watches. I've also got a rado original diver and it's also an amazing watch. Must be over 11 years old , never been serviced and still runs beautifully. You just can't go wrong with a rado.

  7. Trust me none can do the videos better than you.
    Was on a trip since a week was missing your videos.
    Now its good to be back.
    Would request you to make a video of those watches which are quite unique but no more available example floating dial, timex 25 hour watch ,etc,etc

  8. When I graduated from college 21 years ago my parents bought me the Tag Heuer Link. I still have it. I still wear it. I have never had a problem. I also an Aquaracer and I love it. It has also proven to be troubled free.

  9. My friend wanted the Hulk, however I recommended the Oris. I have their GMT and love it. He is perfectly happy with his Oris and said he can now afford another watch. My advice was to check out your site 👌

  10. Amusing ending. My search for a green dial watch did find the Oris and Tag Hauer mentioned. I rejected Rolex despite temptation. IWCs green chrono became a strong contender as I did not want a date window. But it seems Glashutte Original has won out.

    Not the SeaQ but the PanoMaticLunar! Maybe it's the watch with the biggest date window. Even worse than a date window would be a green dial watch on a bracelet. That's what the Aqua Terra is for. It's not that I have a strong taste for things but rumor has it that the Skyflake is meant for a black strap instead of navy blue. At least navy blue is tolerable.

    Now the task is how to get that Glashutte.

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