Rolex "Hulk" Alternatives – More Attainable Dive Watches with Green Dials

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At the moment, there are a number of luxury watches that are enjoying previously unimaginable levels of scarcity and appreciation, and the green Rolex Submariner known as the “Hulk” (116610LV) is an excellent example. Because of the now extreme prices and hard-to-get nature of the Hulk in the the current watch market place, I wanted to suggest some alternative watches that are of course less expensive and easier to get, and also take up a green dial diver color scheme. If you like these kinds of alternatives videos, suggest some other watches we can provide alternatives for in the comments!

Reviews of Watches Mentioned in this Video:
Seiko SPB177:
Oris Aquis Cal 400 41.5mm:
Rado Captain Cook:
Bulova Devil Diver:
Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba:
Glashütte Original SeaQ:

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