Rolex Datejust Vintage Watch Restoration

Marshall restores another vintage watch, this time it’s a Rolex Datejust reference 1601 from 1968 that he got from eBay. It was purchased as non-working for a good price, but what is the problem? Marshall goes on a journey as this is his first time servicing a Rolex watch, and the ride gets bumpy at times… Hang and and enjoy this vintage watch restoration!

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Main Camera, Sony A7III:
Secondary Camera, Sony RXVI:
Main Macro Lens, Sigma 70mm f/2.8:
Camlink 4k Video Converter:
Rode USB Microphone:
Audio Recorder, ZOOM H6:
Small Sirui Tripod:
Sirui Tripod Head for Overhad Camera:


Apple Macbook Pro:
Synology NAS:
Seagate HDDs for NAS:
Samsung Portable Drive:


Bergeon Screwdriver Set:
Dumont Tweezer #3:
Bergeon Springbar Tool:
Bergeon Case Opening Ball:
Bergeon Presto Hand Removal Tool:
Bergeon Movement Holder:
Horotec Hand Setting Tools:
Bergeon Blower:
Bergeon Case Opening Knife:

Bergeon Quick Service Kit:


  1. Marshall, how do you keep your screws and parts organized as you disassemble. Do you have a box with sections to drop the parts in?

  2. Watching this has me tempted to just service my own 1601 myself. I'm currently planning on taking those courses you've suggested, buying the basic tools, and diving in. It'd sure be less than what I'm being quoted ($1k) and immensely gratifying to do myself. I really appreciate what you're doing, Marshall.

  3. Am i the only arab in your channel? The markings în arab language but the font is terrible 😄 and there's some numbers like ٢٧٠ =270

  4. Curious if you ever sell the watches you repair on eBay or elsewhere? Would be an amazing Patreon incentive: support the channel and get the opportunity to purchase one of these watches.

  5. Incase you are curious to know what was written at the back cover of the watch, it had Arabic letters in it. I think it reads (chicken tunduri and zerb) this is a common food in India and gulf area. Looks like the previous owner had his last wish noted there lol..

  6. Rolex is the best in marketing wise, quality has been declining for years. But as you mention in this youtube movie as well middleclass people expect a new watch to be Rolex. And Rolex targets that group the most, grey market makes the price go up more. More people go to dealers to put there name down (believe me, all the stainless steels are available at most dealers if your a good customer) raising the price even more. Ask for the watch you want and offer to buy a full gold datejust(Rolex forces dealers to sell them the most) and done you get your Stainless steel one too
    if they say no, go to the next one and buy it there

  7. "Corundum" is an aluminum oxide that commonly forms hexagonal barrel-shaped prisms that taper at both ends or as thin tabular hexagonal plates. It has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making it one of the most durable commercial gemstones. It has no dominant cleavage and fractures in a conchoidal manner. A high density of ~4.0 g/cm3 (most silicate minerals are ~2.6 g/cm3) results in corundum occurring in secondary placer deposits and recoverable by panning methods, similar to how you would recover placer gold.

    Corundum comes in all colours of the rainbow but is most commonly found as opaque crystals with dull colours. Red corundum is called ruby, blue corundum is called sapphire, and all other colours are called fancy sapphires. Some varieties of corundum will fluoresce under short wave and long wave UV light if there is enough chromium in the crystal structure but little iron, which tends to quench any emitted energy.

  8. A crazy story. I found a credit card on the sidewalk in a.major city 20 yrs. Ago. I didn't do the right thing. I went in to an authorized Rolex store and purchased a Submariner. I had everything that comes with a Real Rolex, including the receipt. I tried to sale it for cash to the local drug dealers. None of them would buy it, because they all thought it was fake! Imagine having the real thing, and everybody thinks it's a fake!

  9. You know, this is like the3rd or 4th video I've watched. I always thought the voice was very familiar but couldn't put my finger on it. For some reason in this one, the MTG mats in previous videos and the voice in this video made and the description name "Marshall" made me realize it's you, Marshall Sutcliffe! You have a very distinct voice sir. Also, what a small world to be watching you work on watches. It's truly amazing the minute intricacies of them. Thanks for opening my eyes to just how marvelous the rather inconspicuous things that sit on out writs (or in our pockets) are!

  10. Congratulations on the successful repair of your first Rolex watch, Marshall, it's a bummer about the lost jewels and the broken spring. But you stuck in there, and prevailed! I'm a new subscriber, and I have been fascinated with mechanical watches since 1966, when my father took me to K-Mart and let me pick out a new Timex boys watch for my sixth birthday. I loved that watch, and I've been hooked on mechanical movements ever since. I took a pocket watch apart once, but I have never been able to put it back together again. I'll give it another shot, now that I have your channel as a reference. Thanks, Marshall!

  11. Darn, been watching way to many of your vids now 🙂 , since I was sure the barrel was the wrong way round. And it turns out it was. Never been near the inside of the watch, but love your content, and the detail you provide, also your narration is great, love the sound of your voice. Makes for great watching. bum bum…. Watch looks really nice with the Blue Strap.

  12. I enjoy your content, its quite enjoyable to watch you work so very confidently, could you be anymore transparent about a little clue as to any prices? I don't think you'd ruin the watch industry around here. maybe just a hint here or there ever so discretely. I am boggled by the secrecy of the cost of parts maybe someone here in the comments can help…you had to buy a new jewel. I dunno 199 to 500 dollars is my based on no idea whatsoever educated guess….just a suggestion for you to ponder..hint you could translate the ballpark price to a different currency you know, for rhythm

  13. I beg to differ.
    You say, there is nothing fanci about the movement except ofcause the high quality components. Just take a look at the case. Thows stair shaped reflecting thingemegigs.
    That is called juuling and evry star thingy is hand made one at a time. If you take a look even the screws will have juuling on them. That is a sign of the most high class blacksmiths work and is proof that evry single piece on that time piece is hand made.
    That is why you pay the price and the politic of Rolex to aim for a higher price, doesn't surprise me at all. In order for them to make a profit they have to be more expensive.

  14. Superb skill! So glad you did not remove the Arabic message at the back of the case. If you have an Arabic speaking friend do check what it says. Could be a cool story, message or just a stock note from the previous service centre.

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