🥸 DISCLAIMER 🥸 As mentioned, this is a central European take on the situation (German here 🥨) but I do think that this is mostly accurate for places all over the world currently. If you have a different experience, let me know in the comments down below!

I’d also like to point out that this is by NO MEANS indicative about a watches actual quality or how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ it is. Watches and their (perceived) value are highly subjective and I can understand how sometimes the market categorizes a watch in a way you might disagree with.

That being said, in a free market, the customers drives choices and prices, therefore the entire dynamic is based on supply and demand.
What ultimately makes someone buy or sell a watch is up to them but I think it is not only interesting but also important to talk about the resulting situation.

I’d also like to add my own point of view here: When buying a watch, thinking about its resell value and the price I am able to buy it for is a big part of my purchase decision. It’s an expensive hobby and having a large sum of money parked in a watch isn’t always the smartest idea (though the nicest imo :-D). I have to think about how much money I’d be able to “get back” in case I might fall out of love and want to sell it – mostly because that money would go straight toward a new watch 😀 btw this is also a big part of why I love this hobby – once you get started, you can more or less ‘work’ with your initial investment and buy and sell all types of watches to wear and enjoy (no matter the budget!).

I know that this ‘debate’ of the value of a watch can sometimes get really heated but I’d like to remind everyone that watches aren’t a necessity – we’re still talking about a non-essential luxury good. They are a companion, an heirloom, a milestone reminder, an accessory, a tool and so much more – but lets not have it be something divisive ✌🏻

This video is meant to be informative, especially for those who just started to get interested in watches and are a bit confused about what’s going on (I mean hello – been there, done that lol).

woof – gotta end it here 😀
TL;DR its just watches – its not that serious.

Thank you for watching!
Jenni ❤️

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7:34 Category 4
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  1. Enjoyed your review. Agree wholeheartedly with one specific statement you made, do not borrow money to buy a watch, only buy what you can afford. Wise beyond your years! I love the JLC perp calendar regardless of the value retention. A watch enthusiast should buy what they love as they will likely keep long term, that is different from a watch investor who is not and enthusiast, just someone trying to make a profit from a commodity.

  2. They are trying too hard to give tudor the Rolex vibe. I visited 5 dealers this week and 4 of them tried to sell me a tudor chrono. All of them said “this is an incredible opportunity, they sell above retail everywhere and are incredibly hard to get, you’re lucky I have one” Meanwhile, the next dealer 300meters down the street had the same watch and story.

  3. My goodness. Those pronunciations…(melt)… Just to spend a lunch together chatting about watches and central European geography…..I don't mean to sound creepy. Your english is amazing and I love the slight accent.

  4. Jenny – I’ve been following your channel for sometime. But this video really makes me question your understanding of the watch market. Suggest you do some “basic” research on FP Journe. I am a watch lover not an investor but even I know FP Journe is amongst the most collectible with extremely limited supply. Yes high price point which may limit demand but you also need to consider SUPPLY! Mille produces 5000 per year vs 800 per year for FPJourne. Both have crazy demand which is a pity as it makes it hard for watch lovers to buy FP Journe easily.

  5. No Jenni, F.P Journe are at the level of Patek & AP (if not higher). They are in super high demand and can take 6 years to get a watch. Highly disagree with you on F.P Journe.

  6. If you’re new to collecting watches & very concerned about resale value (for whatever reason), always buy a Rolex. Never ever other brand. Oh & btw, FP Journe is so hot right now the sales person will just tell u to F-off for asking an allocation.

  7. I’m confused about Journe being on the low tier of value retention. I thought those watches were exploding in value in the secondary market.

  8. I find this topic very instructive, thank you Jenni it's interesting to watch even for those who don't want to buy a watch based on value retention (like myself)
    Keep up with your videos, you rock !

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