Queen and royals watch flypast on Buckingham Palace balcony

The Queen and members of the Royal Family appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the scheduled flypast take place.

The six-minute flypast of more than 70 aircraft featured Apache helicopters, Typhoons and the Red Arrows as part of the first day of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery also fired a 82-gun salute in Hyde Park in honour of the Queen following the Trooping the Colour parade.

#Queen #PlatinumJubilee

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  1. So nobody is going to mention the UAP that flew past the red arrows formation, (split second flash identified on another video) and the UAP flying abeam the formation (right of formation, white disc, potentially a balloon)? Hm, I’ll leave that one for everyone to unpack…

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  3. …what an obscene display for someone that serves no purpose in 2022. Kings and Queens were created at a time when people believed the world was flat and Kings and Queens were divine beings sent from God, to provide and protect the people… it's 2022 folks, maybe we should get real, and give the 'over the top circus act' a rest and stop parading these glorified people around like prize ponies (and wasting peoples hard earned tax dollars at the same time… especially when most countries today are bankrupt and trillions of dollars in debt.)

  4. God bless our adorable QUEEN & EMPIRE & beloved COLONIES. ❣Ireland + Scotland + Wales + Canada + Australia + New Zealand + South Africa + Malta + Cyprus + India + Singapore + Malaysia + Sri Lanka, …………….!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Without us, they would be Nothing!!

  5. The distinctive and unmistakable rumble of the Rolls Royce Merlin V-12 liquid cooled engine.
    “ ring this 🔔 bell and run like #### ! “ when the fighter squadrons got the radio transmission to scramble aircraft.
    The early warning radar systems oft staffed with Woman’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel.
    Detecting flights of incoming enemy bomber formations with accompanying fighter wings.
    When seconds matter.

  6. This was great apart from the commentator getting most of the flyby formations wrong, calling aircraft that wasnt there or misidentifying. Would be great to have someone who knows what they're talking about commentating the event, don't ya think?

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