Pointless Or Perfect? Christopher Ward C65 Super Compressor







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Big thank you to Mr P for the loan of another cracker. I rate CW a lot. Good looking, well made watches, and they now sem to have moved the logo to the ‘proper’ place thankfully. Is this one their best yet? Well, no. It need better lume and a retro colour scheme for me. And maybe more than 150m water resistance! Nice engineering flex, or sorts, though. Next up, the pocket watch? Cheers, Jody


  1. People keep commenting negatively about wearing a watch with another mans name on it, this makes no sense to me ! Would it bother them if it had 2 men’s names on it ? For example A. Lange & Söhne or Patek Phillipe ? Somehow I doubt it 😳

  2. Love Christopherward. Always wanted to buy one. Not in love with this one. But want to buy one. Every time I am ready to do so, I find another watch that I like more.

  3. I still can't get on with their branding. They'd have sold so many more watches with better branding. The watches are great though.

  4. All Christopher Ward watches are pointless and painful to look at. Every time I see that name I think of his cousin Daniel Wellington.

  5. I own it. It's a beautiful watch and utilises legit technology. It's definitely a keeper. Add CW's impeccable build and finish for the crowning touches.

  6. There is a lot to like from the CW C65 Super Compressor but I would like to see the bracelet reduced down fro 22mm at the lugs to 20mm with a 2mm taper down to the clasp. Offer a true BoR bracelet with the great push button adjustable ratcheting CW clasp would be a great improvement.
    Plus, regulate the movement to +0 to +8 range at this price point, would be welcomed.

  7. WOW very interesting 1st class very kool great info.,, AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ again great video I liked it a lot ,keep up the great work.

  8. Retro design language withOUT faux-tina is such a pleasure to me. Looks like what a 70’s watch would have looked like new.

  9. I quite liked this one when it was released, and things were looking pretty good until the lume and time grapher section. Definitely a bummer for the price.

  10. Excellent review as always. I would've loved the watch more if it was 200m water resistant. Just my opinion, I don't buy a Dive Watch that's not really a Dive Rated watch. Min 200M . Witch is probably just an bit of OCD on my part. Because I have hundreds of watches. Of all types. So you would hate but they please me, lol. Its just that Horology doesn't just come in a 40 mm Oyster case.
    Anyway, I love dive watches. However I Only actually dive with two different watches, one at a time of course. I just trust those, I've had them maintained well and they've never let me down.

    Maybe I can get past that issue and just tell myself it doesn't matter, because it's a beautiful watch, in my eye Anyway. Then as soon as I come upon one of my diver friends, they're going to ask about it and it's the same reaction from them.
    Oh well great job.

  11. The watch is beautiful. I don't have anything against a name as a brand, I do have it against not branding with capital letters. It looks like a clothes tag, I can't stand it, sorry CW.

  12. I like the look of this watch but my experience with my Trident C60 has turned me off the brand. The hybrid strap faded in a few months of intermittent wear and the bezel became very stiff after wearing in the ocean despite soaking in fresh water every day. My request for customer service was very poorly dealt with. It’s a great watch if you live away from the sun and never take it in the ocean which probably accounts for their UK popularity. For similar money my Doxa Sub 200 beats the CW in every aspect.

  13. It reminds me of a Citizen I a) only paid £125 for and b) regretted buying after looking at its face for 2 weeks.

    Tone down the orange, boost the lume, and make it 660ft. Then I'd buy one.

  14. The sand version was stopped initially as the text in red at the bottom was aligned incorrectly – I had one and sold it this year. They sold them for £600 in Jan sales.

  15. Only 150m of water resistance, a ghost date position on the crown, +15 seconds a day, and really weak lume on a $1200 watch? Christopher Ward, please. I started watching this video thinking this might be the watch to bring me around on Christopher Ward finally, but instead, it put me further off the brand. They're out of their mind, obviously thinking their branding makes up the huge gulf between the value this watch brings and the price tag.

  16. At the sales this is a no brainer,beautiful watch,but Ive recently went for another dual crown diver,Nth Azores,and I really like it,the dial is nice.A bit expensive for a Miyota,will see in a year if its a keeper or not 😅

  17. Great insight Jody.
    This one, however, is in my colour range and would look fantastic on my wrist.
    I must say that I just recently discovered CW watches and find them to be very well built and have great thoughtful designs.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Gosh that lume wouldn't make X1's backside. My Komandirskie GMT probably has better lume than this. For about $85! They also dropped the ball by not having the rotating bezel lumed. The orange ring on the back does look rather cool.

  19. Hey Mr. Just One More Watch,
    Being a pedantic engineer who works mainly with the imperial system, I feel the need to point out that a mil is a different unit from a millimeter. A mil is one thousandth of an inch, about two and a half hundredths of a millimeter. I do understand that in common parlance where millimeters and centimeters are used as measurements it is easy to know that the meter is understood and just use the prefix, but I couldn't keep hearing it without saying something.

  20. While you may get his first name on your watch too, many watch companies names are based on one or two gentlemen coming together to form a watch company. I won't bother naming them but CW isn't much different. I agree it doesn't have the history, but as you say, if it did, you would be paying 50% more for a CW. I don't have one, but I like them all the same.

  21. I own 3 C Ward watches. More than happy with all of them. Real value for money and good solid build make then a very good purchase.

  22. LOL "saving the planet". all wood, paper, cardboard. Sorry trees, you're just not considered part of the planet anymore.

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