Pixel 6/6 Pro Unboxing & First Look!

Pixel 6 is $599. Pixel 6 Pro is $899. This is a hands-on and first look in the boxes!

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Phones provided by Google for review.



  1. It would be great if you youtubers/reviewers would give honest consumers report and start digging a new whole for these companies for excluding accessories like a simple charging adapter in the box. I remember when unboxing a phone was great experience, now not even a case, earphone or earphone adapter, screen protector or CHARGING BRICK in the box. Speak honestly about the product in hand and money's worth. Shout out to flossy

  2. Let's thank Apple again. They get rid of the headphone jack everybody else gets rid of the headphone jack everybody gets rid of the headphone jack. They get rid of the charger everybody gets rid of the charger. This way they can charge you to buy a charger. Expandable storage… Giving less specs for more money but getting optimized software another apple issue.

  3. Got the pixel 6 today and the top half of the screen has a gray with purple look when on the dark mode. Never had this issue with any other phone I've owned. Any body else have this issue?

  4. Not to excited about the Pixel 6 Pro. I just received 2 yesterday, one for my wife one for me. The 4x telephoto lens is not being used at all in the video on either of our devices. I posted a video on my channel recording the problem happening.

  5. in my opinion the bezels on the Pixel 6 looks terrible i do not want that thick bezels for 599$. but the pixel 6 pro looks good but 899$ oof and they use googles own processor the Tensor thats focuses on pixels hardware compared to the snapdragon 888 it just lacks in performance and now a days you can get a phone with 8gb of ram and the snapdragon 888 for that 599$ probably even cheaper so thats a big L for google in my opinion

  6. thanks, subscribed.. ! I got the pro and am well chuffed with it so far, it's not too big as I had been afraid of coming from iPhone se 2020, and it's lovely and light too. I just made the mistake of not researching beforehand how to export WhatsApp chats from iPhone, so I missed my window of opportunity to do so immediately out of the box. I tried factory resetting but phone said "no" 😀

  7. When is the review coming out? Been using pixel 2xl and 3xl since they came out. Confused if I should buy the iPhone 13 Pro or Pixel 6 pro now. It's time to buy a new phone lol.

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