Picking Out the Right Watch for Your Wrist: Watch Size vs. Wrist Size

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Today, more and more enthusiasts are choosing to purchase watches online. While the level of convenience inherent in watch eCommerce is awesome, it can be more difficult than ever to forecast how watches of varying sizes will ultimately fit on your particular wrist. So in this video, I’m doing a deep dive into all things sizing, culminating in a comparison of five different watches on a variety of different wrist sizes. If you guys like these type of guides, let me know what you might like to see next in the comments.

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0:00 – Intro and Organization
1:52 – 1. Developing a Philosophy
6:44 – 2. Elements of Size
14:51 – 3. Watch Size vs. Wrist Size


  1. Hi Everyone, quick point of clarity, we mistakenly put a shot of a Rolex over mentioning 316L stainless steel. Rolex uses 904L which has a different chemical composition. Sorry for the miss there. Thank you all for watching!

  2. Loved that you added the multiple wrist sizes for viewing, just bought a seiko presage online now that i figured out the sizing

  3. I used to think I had small wrists at 6'0 tall but I just learned that 7" is actually a standard size.

  4. how about picking the right measurements?
    inches on wrist, cm on watch. can u choose either metric or imperial u bloody psychopath!

  5. Very nice video Teddy, thanks! This one is probably the best video on youtube regarding the topic.

    I would add though, that also body size is something to factor in as well, if you are a tall dude, you may be able to get away with some extra mm here and there.

  6. With my 19cm wrist my favorite piece to wear is my Zelos Nova. At 38mm it is the smallest I would prefer to own but at the same time I've learned I prefer smaller watches with a slim appearance. Most of my wrist size is in the width so I can pull off some of the largest watches as well. I feel relatively lucky as most watches I'm into are above 38mm

  7. In my opinion it is not only the wristsize you have consider. I am 1,86m / 6,1 and 89kg and my arms 16,5cm are tiny compared to the whole bodystructure. Some 50mm lug to lug watches like the bb chrono seems to be too big on a wristshot. But in a wideangle view with my whole body it suits great. Another example my G-shock MTG just looks like huge stone in a wristshot, but from 3rd person perspective it fits to my body shape. So it is a perspective thing. Like mens best friend. 🙂

  8. Of note the recent trend in Asia to wear oversized watches. Twenty years late to the party but it's prolific now all over Asia.

  9. Wrist size and case diameter are poor measures. More accurately would be to use wrist width and lug to lug distance.

  10. Great insight. Love the comparisons and thoughtfulness of your comments.
    Bravo! 👏🏼 😃 – Great video.

  11. i have a 6.75 wrist and found 41 to 43.5 is my sweet spot depending on the dial. The less of a bezel the smaller i can go with the diameter

  12. This issue also gets into where folks wear their watches. My protruding wrist bone forces me to wear watches below that bone. Some people can wear their watches closer to their hands. It does affect the look to a degree.

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