Photosynthesis In Real Time

Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, I show you what photosynthesis looks like in real time.

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Also in this video, a guy does some dance moves in a circle. A cat falls off a table. Someone bites their cat. A whale slaps their tale at people riding in a kayak. An owl warms up by a heater. A car drifts on a road. A chimpanzee uses a nail clipper.

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  1. Look at the chlorophyll molecule. It's a beautiful balloon. So much of the molecule is ubiquitous but that Magnesium Ion in the center is special. It has to be brought up from the roots. When the plant can no longer transport magnesium to make chlorophyll it dies… When you see a tree hollowing out – the tree is pirating its magnesium and microbes are moving in on the spent remains.
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