Phantom from Space (1953) Horror, Sci-Fi Cult Classic

It came from a billion miles of space to meet the strangest destiny ever told!
When an asteroid crashes, an alien being with the power of invisibility lands in Santa Monica. The government authorities search begins to track down the mysterious creatures.

Director: W. Lee Wilder
Writers: William Raynor, Myles Wilder
Stars: Ted Cooper, Rudolph Anders, Noreen Nash
Genres: Cult Classic, Horror, Sci-Fi

Crash into planet C³ :


  1. I love the way reporters are portrayed in old movies. And that’s pretty much what they were back then. Sly, badgering, unbiased schlubs always snooping for a scoop. Now they are uptight, biased, privileged propagandists always looking to spin a story to better fit their agenda.

  2. The helmet the alien is wearing I'll bet was used in the movie Robot Monster they turned the helmet around and put that black cover over the originial opening and cut a different view port on the other side.

  3. Okay, so I see the T.V. Superman from the 1950's was Barbara's husband, but I didn't see his familiar name in the credits, so what was his name? Was he using his real
    name in this movie, and then changed his name when he played Superman?

  4. Marvellous adventure,that script seems so finer than all pretending being nicer and better tv shows from nowadays political junks for any fanatics around complete universe,all appearing like the most cosmologic galacteans with still influence and some audience grabbings fitting their own visibility rates in a constellar corner of infinite space…
    I lied,that script smells like monday spirit in the living room of our moms,just some wannabees new newspapers in middle year around our girlfriends to get assumed globally,then who does totally take care of these arrivist guys?Swingers or Libertines?
    Won't they be annoyed of themselves with time,nobody' s fault than their own while they thought being more mysterious and interacademic stuff in parallel world.Honestly,they should get down of their futuristic pedestals,we get easily get rid of pyramidal hierarchy in foreign imaginery kingdoms down there in front of tv one half an hour shows.
    Finally,i love their own women just like an other dick"tentacles"head with great distance

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