Pawn Stars: 7 RARE RETRO-TECH ITEMS (Vintage Computers, Watches, & More!)

Can you recall using any of these retro-tech items? Watch as the Pawn Stars team appraises a few really EXPENSIVE old school items, in this Pawn Stars compilation.

0:00 – 1988 Apple Computer
2:46 – 1982 Seiko Watch (James Bond’s Watch)
5:54 – Sony Walkman (First Edition) from Guys and Dolls
9:27 – Commodore 64 Computer
12:07 – Antique Calculator
13:53 – Viewmaster 3D Projector
16:13 – Reynolds 1910 Envelope Sealer

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“Pawn Stars” follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.


  1. i think having the 2 headphone jacks is kind of neat, i never liked when someone offers me an earbud that's been in their ear.

  2. They completed the hand-shake and didn't pay. They broke the code, on camera nonetheless. No respect.

  3. Perhaps the problem with the Seiko James Bond watch is that it expects the old analog NTSC signal, which no longer exists.

  4. The C-64 was a relic from the 'wild west' of computer software. All the games and disks I got through the years came about magically. I have NO idea where most came from and they are extremely varied. The games are so wild!

  5. Interesting how none of these, they "call a buddy". Starting to think the experts keep them honest. Otherwise, they con people all day

  6. The Apple 2gs was 12 years ago it’s just painful how most of you can’t comprehend how different the market was back then.

  7. They burned that girl with that apple computer. They're extremely hard to find in good working condition. I wanna play Oregon trail 1 more time🤣. Never understood why no gaming company hasn't made this a realistic game yet.

  8. "One uh da reasons I sent da calctoninitemer is I alredy gots me a caltromiter an it work reel gud an I have a brayn to do the calconitinashuns, but ah got to play with it an mah dohter, Bukketrust she playd wif it too!"

  9. Funny thing is there is an Apple Computer in the Antiques store in Back to the Future 2 which was a new computer at the time. And it's now come true.

  10. It’s crazy to think how much someone paid for a computer back in the 80’s and now it’s literally worth nothing. I remember when my dad bought the first family computer back in like 2000 for 2,000 bucks it only had like 1/4 gig ram and like 28g hard drive then just a couple years later in 2005 I bought my own first computer brand new for 500 bucks that had 1g ram and 256g hard drive, way faster modem, faster processor. Obviously technology gets cheaper and better as time goes on but it’s amazing just 5 years the price difference. In 2008 I bought another computer 4g ram, 500g drive for 300 bucks brand new. Last year I bought a dell with 16g ram, 1T solid state drive for 220 bucks.

  11. She went WAAAAY too low for the apple machine. Fully restored with that many disks and the manual easily could fetch $400 online

  12. Late 1980s I guess is when computers truly were like the computers we see now. So was other forms of technology. Only difference was in the 80s they were all massive and I mean massive.
    Mobile phone eg was like a very heavy brick.

  13. Not retro……retro is something new in the style of something old….this is vintage…something that is actually old.

  14. I’d love to bring my entire hockey card collection to these guys, I’d be so interested in seeing what they all cost

  15. Wasn't there a different episode, where another old man showed up with a Commodore 64, and Rick only gave him about $20 for it, just so the guy didn't have to lug it back to his house on the bus?

  16. I have the watch, the commodore and the Walkman packed away in my basement. Time to dig it all out and put them on eBay.

  17. I had a TV remote watch in the early/mid-nineties that could control Nintendo Super Mario Bros. I was able to run and jump with the watch. It was the coolest thing ever.

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