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Assallam o Allaikum
collection watches and jewelry : +92 322 4383328
kindly whatspp Waqar bhai add me from Idea Express For watches details
ye video lahore landa bazaar ki ha .hum pori koshish krte hen ke apke lye original reviews or videos la saken
apko video kesi lagi hamen comments mien zror btayen . jazakallah
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Video Detail
1 ; lahore landa bazaar
2 : detail introduction
3: Watches information
4: True Story
5: bussines secrets


  1. I'm not sure what the reason was for making the video as it didn't actually show ANY watches.
    Your camera was set way too far from the watches so realistically all we got to see was a watch from around 8 feet away with a price and the owner giving guarantees.
    I'm really not sure what the purpose of the video was.
    Were you showcasing the man's honesty
    If you're going to make a video advertising the products then at least have close ups of the items.
    Sorry but if you make videos then accept criticism were it's warranted

  2. Is personality ka kia faida jab inse watch leni ho to reply karna zaruri nai samjhty really disappointed!! And it seems to be like fake business and fake fame 😬😡

  3. He is a foolish man he should teach in big centre as a teacher and earn a lot of money his English is very fluent & amazing he will become a good teacher i advice you leave that work and start teaching….

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